Home Design 101

Photo by Mike Baker, styling by Heather Nette King. The only thing scarier than creepy clowns? Hoarders! And pattern overload. And too small sofas. And poorly hung art. But for every chilling décor mistake, there’s a solution to help conquer it. Read on for the most terrifying interior errors and the best ways to fix them… so they don’t haunt your home forever. 1. Matching your decor too closely. It’s a common misconception that having a matching set of chairs, tables, and fabrics will make your space look cohesive. But this kind of

Image via Architectural Digest  You know those homes that seem to radiate good vibes? The architecture may not be spectacular, the décor might not even be your style, but for some reason you feel great the moment you walk through the door. What’s the secret? Chances are, it lies in the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui. The idea of feng shui can seem a bit opaque, but really, the philosophy is built on common-sense customs that make our homes feel happy, healthy, and harmonious. It’s centered on the belief

Image via One Kings Lane After years of Cali casual and boho slouchy interiors, Traditionalism is making a graceful comeback, from wingback chairs to chintz to heirloom rugs. The great thing about traditional design is that it’s timeless, sophisticated and perpetually in style. The challenge is making it feel fresh. Whether you live in a prewar apartment that’s begging for an upgrade or simply have a taste for tradition, these neo-trad tricks will set your décor in a fresh direction. Clear the Way for Contemporary Elements Neo-traditional decor feels fresh when contemporary materials

It seems like it should be easy. You go to the store, buy drapes, hang them up. Right? WRONG. Picking and hanging drapes is like being stuck in an endless Goldilocks  nightmare of extremes: too short, too long, too sheer, too dark, too full, too skimpy.  Hang them too high and they look like an NBA player in capri pants, too low and you’ve got a toddler in a prom dress. How do you get them just right? And what about the swag?! We’re revealing once and for all our fool-proof tips to selecting, hanging,

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