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Images via YAMAMAR Design / Australian Interior Design Awards What’s the big difference between modern and contemporary design? It’s a question that plagues the minds of many. You might find yourself thinking, don’t the terms modern and contemporary basically mean the same thing? Aren’t they both current and minimal, void of color and filled with clean lines? While some of that may be true, the differences between the styles can also be as vast as night and day. So to help you out, we’ve put together this handy guide to distinguishing

via Elizabeth Roberts Who doesn’t want to have their very own slice of the American Dream? To drive a fancy car, to have a dog that can catch a frisbee, and the créme de la créme: to own a home. And while it’s a sign of success to most, home ownership can also be pretty daunting. From roofs and pipes, to furnaces and electrical wiring, some factors make owning a home seem more like a nightmare than a dream. Luckily, we’ve put together a cheat sheet of trusty tricks that all homeowners should have. So quit wallowing and start caulking, stop moping and start

via Johanna Holub If you consider yourself even remotely design savvy, you know that a rug can make or break a room. But there’s plenty of room for missteps, from picking the wrong size to poor placement to bad materials and more. On top of that, rugs are a serious investment, so they can also make or break your budget. Large antique rugs can cost more than a new car. And though synthetic ones are cheaper, they can also pill and stain easily. So what’s a budget-conscious person to do? We polled

Image via Old Brand New Not everyone was born with the gift of a green thumb, but there’s no denying that plants have a magical way of completing a room. And it’s not just because their vibrant, green fronds look really chic in any home. Houseplants actually improve air quality and are shown to reduce stress. In spring, we’re especially keen on filling our homes with all that is green and growing. So to complement the season, we compiled a list of the hottest houseplants and how to care for them — whether

Image via A+B Kasha We’ve explained why traditional design is back, we’ve broken down mid-century modern, and now we’re coming out from under our silken sheets to teach you a lesson about romance. Ok, romantic design. Contrary to popular belief, romantic design isn’t all floral prints and frill. And it’s not just rose petals spread across red satin bedding either. The beauty of the romantic look lies in its versatility. Bits and pieces of the style can be sprinkled into nearly any kind of space, from rustic to contemporary. Curious? Then cue

Living with a significant other isn’t always a walk in the park. Whether you’ve just taken the plunge into cohabitation or you’ve lived together for years, it’s not uncommon to secretly loathe your lover’s design tastes. But if one of you is crazy for color and the other prefers stark, minimal spaces, striking a balance between styles can be difficult. So how can you combine your tastes and create a home that makes you both happy? Read on for our secrets to cohabitation bliss. Make Agreements The key to happy cohabitation

Image via Architectural Digest Traditional style (or “trad” for short) sometimes gets a bad rap. Some people think of it as fussy, stuffy and grandma. Others think, why live in the past when there’s so much great design happening in the present? But the truth is, trad style allows for a lot more experimentation than you might imagine. And in the right hands, it can feel seriously fresh and new. So how much traditional is too much and how do you make it work for you? Well, we’ll break it all down for you.

There was a time when interior design was the sole province of the rich and famous. It was for penthouse apartments, sprawling family estates and mansions in the Hamptons. But for the average person, it was a budget-busting luxury service. Must be nice, we’d think, after a series of failed attempts at picking a paint color. Then, the internet came to the rescue, first serving up inspiration on demand with design blogs, Pinterest and Instagram. After that? Online interior design. For about the cost of what the average American spends per month on coffee, you

Photo via Vogue There’s nothing quite like that instant ego boost after a good salon visit. Somehow, getting your locks layered with color and your nails perfectly manicured just makes you feel so much more put together. So when it comes to the home, what’s the equivalent to this fresh feeling? A paint job, of course! From decking your walls in uncommon color combos to experimenting with stenciling, see how we’re mixing up more than just paint here! 1. Dress your doors in dual tones: We’ve known about the optical illusion of painting your walls two different tones at the chair rail

There’s no denying that kids do a lot of adorable things. But the plethora of art projects they bring home from school? Well, those can get a little overwhelming. Are we supposed to display them all or store them in a box somewhere? Don’t get us wrong, we’re in full support of fostering our kid’s creative energy, but not everyone’s child is a natural-born Picasso. So how do you show them you’re proud of their work while maintaining the high-style of your home? We collaborated with the experts at Framebridge

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