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Image via One Kings Lane Bellbottoms come in, they give rise to the boyfriend jean, then the mom jean, then the skinny. And then back to bellbottoms all over again. Our homes are just as vulnerable to the whims of trends. The key is to not be a slave to them. So with that in mind, we give you the design trends that we’re ready to grow out of (and what you should replace them with…for now). Retired Trend: BLUSH Blush has been around the block and back. Deemed the

Image via POPSUGAR Curb appeal is the perfect alchemy of so many factors. It’s not just about an expertly manicured lawn or an impressively large facade. It’s about the intriguing, little details that capture our attention and make us want to see more. So how do you make a big impact without spending big money? From paint colors to plants, these easy (and inexpensive) exterior updates will make your house the belle of the block. Paint the Trim Changing the color of your home is a truly expensive prospect, but making small alterations

The way someone decorates their coffee table can say a lot about their personality. It’s tempting to want to pile on the personal items, but without the proper technique it can look random and cluttered. So to help you out, we called upon Laurel & Wolf designer James Tabb to style one coffee table for three different personalities. Watch the video for tips on sprucing up your coffee table style, then read on for a breakdown of each look!  Look #1: The Fashion Editor She has over 50k followers on

Image via Lonny. Photo by Joe Schmelzer. The IKEA dining table you’ve had for the past seven years has seen better days. Those old chairs your mom passed on to you are starting to feel like they might collapse while you’re eating. You’re missing half of your silverware drawer. If any of this sounds like your dining room, then it might be time for a redesign. But when you’re in need of a total revamp, how do you budget wisely for furniture and décor? We get it – most budgets are

Image via Architectural Digest  You know those homes that seem to radiate good vibes? The architecture may not be spectacular, the décor might not even be your style, but for some reason you feel great the moment you walk through the door. What’s the secret? Chances are, it lies in the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui. The idea of feng shui can seem a bit opaque, but really, the philosophy is built on common-sense customs that make our homes feel happy, healthy, and harmonious. It’s centered on the belief

It seems like it should be easy. You go to the store, buy drapes, hang them up. Right? WRONG. Picking and hanging drapes is like being stuck in an endless Goldilocks  nightmare of extremes: too short, too long, too sheer, too dark, too full, too skimpy.  Hang them too high and they look like an NBA player in capri pants, too low and you’ve got a toddler in a prom dress. How do you get them just right? And what about the swag?! We’re revealing once and for all our fool-proof tips to selecting, hanging,

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