The Best Couches Under $1500

By: Sarah Beaumont

April 7, 2017

The West Elm Antwerp Sofa We know what you’re thinking. The words “best” and “under $1500” don’t often go together when referring to what is arguably the most important piece of furniture in your house. But you heard us right. Not all great couches cost more than your monthly rent. From sectionals to sleepers, we scoured the web and found affordable sofas that have top style and top-notch reviews. (Note: All listed furniture prices are subject to change at the discretion of the retailer.) Paxson Futon, $319.99 $320 for a sofa?

via Design Trends Not every house has a library or a breakfast nook, but there is one universal room we all have no matter our style or budget: a bathroom. Bathrooms are the great equalizer, and like it or not, we spend a large chunk of time in them. Remember, you deserve to love every inch of your homes, even the less glamorous parts! Alas, we understand that when it comes to designing a bathroom, you can end up racking up a hefty bill, depleting funds you’d rather spend elsewhere. So

Via Architectural Digest  By now, we all know what red flags interior designers instantly see upon stepping foot into a new space — Is the rug the wrong size? Is the art hung too high? Are there too many accessories? (Like that’s even possible…) But what really separates the mediocre homes from the designer-approved ones? We polled our interior designers to help put this debate to rest. Because let’s be honest, anyone can ask Siri how high draperies should be hung, but not everyone can pull off a truly cohesive look from floor to ceiling. How many of the below design features are

When house-hunting in Los Angeles, it’s not every day that you stumble upon an off-the-market stunner near the beach. But that’s exactly what happened to digital media executive Sarah Penna and her YouTube-famous husband. (Remember MysteryGuitarMan? Yeah, that’s him.) The pair spends their days changing the face of new media and their evenings caring for a rambunctious toddler. So when it came to decorating their new space, they needed more than a little assistance. Enter Laurel & Wolf designer Yekii Killion. Style Board   She helped them transform their new home into

We’re beginning to swap our ankle boots for sandals, our jackets for dresses, and we can’t seem to stop humming “Here Comes the Sun.” Spring is beginning to show its lovely face again. As far as fashion goes, the season’s trends seem to match the upbeat vibes of the season. And as usual, interior design is following suit. From picnic-ready looks to bold, fiery hues, these are the spring fashion trends that are inspiring our spaces. Anything Gingham Goes If in doubt this spring, just be the picnic blanket. This

The candy bar industry has expertly spun “small” into “fun-sized,” but when it comes to rooms and interiors, the rules of Hershey’s and KitKats don’t always apply. While bigger isn’t necessarily always better, more often than not we are trying to make the rooms in our homes look and feel as big as possible. With this in mind, we’ve assembled a trusty trove of tricks to help turn your claustrophobic chamber into a spacious oasis. After all, your living room might not be king-sized, but it can still have a delicious design.

Photo via Studio McGee We don’t know about you, but finding the right rug can be an emotional rollercoaster. One moment you’re giddy with excitement and planning for the future, and the next you’re bitter with disdain and running for the hills. Not to mention the fear of commitment. What if you fall out of love? What if it doesn’t age well? What if it starts to lose its hair after a couple years?! We can definitely attest to this happening once or twice. But fear not, for we have scoured the internet for the most eligible

Image via Our Homes, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens Roll out the welcome wagon, Man Cave, because you just got a new neighbor. She goes by the name of “She Shed” and she’s here to trample the longtime injustice of special hideouts exclusively for men. Because women also deserve a place to shed the stresses of everyday life. Though we think the name could use a little work (maybe Dame Den or Woman’s World?), it’s definitely a concept we can get behind. So we’ve gathered some of our favorite she sheds, from those

Living with a significant other isn’t always a walk in the park. Whether you’ve just taken the plunge into cohabitation or you’ve lived together for years, it’s not uncommon to secretly loathe your lover’s design tastes. But if one of you is crazy for color and the other prefers stark, minimal spaces, striking a balance between styles can be difficult. So how can you combine your tastes and create a home that makes you both happy? Read on for our secrets to cohabitation bliss. Make Agreements The key to happy cohabitation

We all know the bright, transitional designs of Emily Henderson. We live for the plant-infused, bohemian spaces pictured on the Jungalow’s Instagram feed. But we’re always looking for new sources of inspiration, so we scoured and scrolled through the ‘gram to find the up and coming design stars that you should be following. Endless interior inspo awaits. Oleander and Palm A post shared by Oleander and Palm (@oleanderandpalm) on Feb 16, 2017 at 4:39pm PST Run by a triple threat stylist, photographer, and blogger, Oleander and Palm’s Instagram feed is stocked with interior

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