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Image via Studio Ten 25 There’s a reason the American flag is red, white and blue – these three colors have an undeniable harmony when paired together. But a home that feels like the Fourth of July all 365 days of the year can be a little much. So in honor of Independence Day, we gathered our favorite red, white and blue spaces that do patriotic style the right way. Read on for rooms that will make you proud to be an American. Rustic Americana Want show off your American

Though summer technically doesn’t start for another month, Memorial Day is the unofficial start of the season. For many, having a Monday off of work is already cause for celebration. But with warm weather and the promise of longer days ahead, most people want to celebrate by gathering a group of great friends for great food, usually in the great outdoors. Playing host this year? We’ve got the tips to help you throw a stylish, yet laid-back Memorial Day party. Make your tablescape the main focus. If you’re doing Memorial Day

Here’s a riddle: What’s bright and sweet, can either make you fall asleep or go wild and is always willing to hang, whether you’re watching Netflix or having Sunday Funday with friends? You guessed it: wine. No matter if you’re rosé-all-day or prefer your pinots, any wine lover can agree that the boozy beverage always has our thirsts quenched. So in celebration of our favorite refreshment, we’ve partnered with the masters of vino at Winc for National Wine Day. From a cheerful white to a serious and soulful red, we’re treating our wines like design

Image via The Citizenry We keep a lot of stuff in our homes, but we don’t often think about where it all comes from. Sure, you may remember where you bought your sofa or that you haggled for that piece of art at the Paris flea market. But your home is most likely filled with things made or invented in other parts of the world. In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, we’re putting the spotlight on Mexico. In 2016 alone, furniture, bedding, and lighting made up $10.4 billion dollars worth

As an interior designer, it’s not every day that you’re asked to create a space for one of the world’s most recognizable personalities. So when Laurel & Wolf designer James Tabb was contacted by the Easter Bunny’s eggcellent team, he hopped at the opportunity to makeover the head hare’s study. After all, this was not just some bunny. Although the Easter Bunny is notorious for having fluffy tastes, James didn’t bother pulling his hare out over the design and jumped right down the rabbit hole to get to work. He carefully considered each

Image via Lonny Some may argue that the menu is the most important ingredient in planning a dinner party. But seasoned entertainers know that it’s just as much about setting the mood. After all, everything tastes better when the chairs are comfy, the music is on and the lighting looks good. So feast your eyes on these must-have dinner party essentials. Bon appetit! Food presentation is half the feat of the feast, so make sure you have stylish serving bowls and platters to display your fine eats. No one will be digging into dinner

Image via Alice Lane Home It may be Saint Patty’s Day, but luck isn’t just for the Irish. And it certainly doesn’t always come in the form of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow (we wish). Good luck is a gamble, but there are some things you can do to give fortune’s chance a little push. Bring the spirit of serendipity into your home with these feng shui practices and common good-fortune beliefs. A Lucky Entrance In feng shui, the front door is more than just

We love watching our favorite films win big at the Oscars. Truly, nothing beats the look on an actor’s face when they realize they’re getting lucky with a little gold man. But sometimes, the real prize of the Academy Awards is spotting all the stunning dresses. From the red carpet to the living room, these Oscars dresses are inspiring winning design in our spaces. Emma Stone always stuns on the red carpet, but at the 2015 ceremony, this beaded beauty gave us visions of a room mixed with classic Hollywood

Still from La La Land, Lionsgate A good film has the ability to transport an audience straight into its fabricated world. From the screenplay to the cinematography, countless elements come together to make a movie great, and every year we honor all of those things at a little awards ceremony called the Oscars. But nothing makes us feel immersed in a film quite like the sets. Whether they take us on a journey through outer space or make us imagine a magical, 1920s New York, these Oscar-nominated features win our award

Interior image via C Home It’s that special time of year again when all the world’s It-girls put on their daily best and take their front row seats at Fashion Week. But everyone knows the streets are where the real fashion shows are. From New York to Paris, trendsetters strut their stuff from show to show as if they were walking the runway themselves. These ladies are photographed so frequently that we tend to know their tastes almost as well as we know our own. And some of their looks just so happen to pair

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