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Google “how to design your home when moving in with someone” and you’ll get a ton of results explaining how to compromise with your BF on that horrendous chair he wants to keep. But what about design for the recently dumped? After a breakup, a bedroom that was once a romantic refuge suddenly feels more like a battleground. You glance around your space and realize you’re sitting in a tomb of items that symbolize your fallen relationship. We’ve all been there. But just like chopping your hair off or working out,

Photo via Architectural Digest During football season, America reacquaints themselves with their favorite NFL teams and players. We know their positions and their stats. We might even know how large their salaries are. But what do their lives look like off the field? Pretty freaking gorgeous. We rounded up the best of the best for you scrolling pleasure. If there were a Super Bowl for interior design, these NFL players’ homes would surely be the winners. Hines Ward Considered one of the greatest wide receivers in the history of the Pittsburgh Steelers, this

Image via Trakt.TV Prior to the rise of Instagram and Snapchat, one of our only chances to see inside the homes of the rich and famous was MTV Cribs. During its 10-year stint, we toured the most over-the-top interiors and learned what it’s like to have a shower built for seven (we’re looking at you, Bow Wow). Though the spaces weren’t always tasteful, we’re feeling nostalgic for the over-the-top aughts style. So in honor of the VMA’s, we’re taking a look back at the glory days of MTV Cribs. Related Story: Match the

From Beyoncé’s visionary Lemonade to Drake’s meme-inducing Hotline Bling, it’s been an exciting year for music videos. So ahead of MTV’s Video Music Awards this weekend, we decided to take a closer look and make ourselves at home in this year’s nominees for Video of the Year. From a bed even Kanye could love to a Bey-worthy boudoir, we’re matching up the vid to the room. “Hello” by Adele + Rustic Cabin in the Woods Adele’s sepia-toned ballad recounts a lost and unreachable love. The nostalgic mood of the video is furthered

He doesn’t talk. He bites when he’s mad. And man, can he destroy a sofa. Our latest design client was no walk in the park. But he ended up being one of our all-time favorites. Who is he? Meet Pablo — a Maltese Mix from the mean streets of Los Angeles. What he lacks in breeding, he more than makes up for in swagger. And, while he may look sweet, he’s got serious bark. When he isn’t chatting up maltipoos at the dog park, you’ll find him buried in his books, studying the art of potty-training and postmodern

From the canyons and deserts out West to the rolling green pastures of the East, there’s an awful lot of beauty packed into our US-of-A. And as our founding fathers intended, we’ve made it our own by designing spaces as unique as each separate corner of the American landscape. So this July 4th, as we celebrate our founding fathers, we’re also tipping our hat to our founding designers. These iconic creative minds put their decorative touch on homes from Hollywood to the Hamptons, creating whole new schools of style for the States. Read

In the summertime, drinking outdoors is an art. And we’re here to help you master it, along with all of the other warm weather activities on our Summer Bucket List (you can print the list here). Each time you complete a goal, check it off and by the end of the summer, you’ll be an ice cream expert, a pool party connoisseur, a professional picnicker, a mixology master, and more. But, back to the bar! Whether you’re having people over for after-work drinks or you’re simply relaxing outside on a sunny

Father’s Day is coming. We’re giving you fair warning so that, for once, you don’t resort to the ol’ here’s-a-tie trick. This year, we dare you to go a little more sentimental. Ahead of Father’s Day, we teamed up with custom framing and delivery site Framebridge to gift one deserving Dad a special surprise. Shaun Foos met now-wife Rachel on a blind date at a dive bar, but decided to take things up several notches, proposing in a helicopter over Los Angeles. They now share a cozy three-bedroom home north of the city

Say goodbye to parkas and hello to summer. Memorial Day weekend has arrived to usher in a season of sunshine, sandals, rooftop drinks, and lazy beach days. But the best thing about summer holidays are the places we celebrate them and the meals we celebrate them with.Whether you’re glamping in a state park or tossing back cocktails in your own backyard, chances are you’ll be indulging in barbecue, burgers and desserts of the fruity or frozen variety. In honor of one of our favorite eating holidays, we’ve matched up six great recipes

On the first Saturday of May, the city of Louisville hosts its biggest event of the year, the Kentucky Derby. This fine American tradition can pretty much be summed up by two things: large, elaborate hats and an excessive downpour of mint juleps. And if that dose of Southern style isn’t inspiring enough, it all sets the stage for what’s dubbed “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.” Once those two minutes are over, we can’t help but want to strap on some riding boots and add a serious dose of equestrian style at home.

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