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Image via Architectural Digest With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, you might find yourself surrounded by coworkers in kelly green sweaters and friends throwing back emerald-tinted Budweisers. Luckily not all green usage is a faux pas though, especially when it comes to your home. Green makes a statement, and when deployed correctly, that statement can be chic and eclectic. So banish those images of shamrock vests and shamrock shakes and instead envision fiddle leaf figs, olive velvet sofas, sage walls and more. Make a Splash The tiled backsplash paired with copper accents

Image via C Home You’ve scrubbed the floors so hard, they sparkle. Every nook and cranny has been swept free of dust and cobwebs. You’ve decluttered and have a giant bag of stuff ready for Goodwill. So why does your home still feel gloomy? Spring is the perfect time to start fresh by cleansing your home from top to bottom — energy included. Follow these mood-boosting tips and feng shui secrets to banish bad vibes and get those good ones flowing. Air it out. Open your doors and windows and allow

Image via Architectural Digest It’s that time of year again when spring starts to tease us with its tantalizing rays, only to disappear and leave us with four more weeks of winter. When the weather goes hot and cold on us, it can be hard to believe it will ever just stay sunny. But in some parts of the world, temperate weather is a mainstay. Beat your winter blues by staring longingly at these tropical homes. We promise, playing pretend paradise will make you feel at least ten degrees warmer. Waters

It’s getting to be that time of year again. The time when panic sets in that we will never again feel the sun on our face, that those bone-chilling winds will keep blowing and we’ll have to permanently reside in our puffy coats forevermore. But the sun will return (we promise!). So in the meantime, we’re going to embrace the year’s hottest new trend, hygge, and make the best of the wintry weather by getting cozy at home. This is our recipe for making your bed as snuggly as can be. 1. Start with

Image via Nathan + Jac It doesn’t matter if you live in a poorly insulated home or one that’s got all the latest heating technologies. When Old Man Winter comes knocking, his chilling bite seems to chase us everywhere we go. So how can you keep your home cozy without going broke on heating bills? Well, it’s no big secret. Humans have always piled on layers and lined their living areas in heavy fabrics when temps get frigid. But which fabrics work best and how can you most effectively use them to

Buying a thoughtful present and then chucking it into some old gift bag is like slaving over a souffle and then slopping it onto a paper plate. It just doesn’t have the same effect. So this season we teamed up with photographer Gray Malin to show you how to create picture-perfect gifts. This is our guide to presents with presence. STEP ONE: Pick your paper Start with a good base. Thinner paper rips and crumples more easily, making wrapping difficult. Get a selection of wrapping paper in complimentary colors and patterns along with a

Image via Avante Press, City Christmas Cards The magic of twinkling lights, the crisp scent of pine, prized ornaments hung for all to see. And the presents underneath aren’t so bad either. Christmas trees are among the most magical of holiday traditions. And we’ve got everything you need to do your tannenbaum right. From picking the perfect pine to tree skirts and trimming, this is our ultimate guide to Christmas trees. Step One: Find Your Tree First, determine what type of tree will work best for you. We’re partial to Fraser

Photo by Roger Davies, designed by Miles Redd  for Architectural Digest Blistering sun, sweat, heat — the dog days of summer are upon us. During these last muggy weeks of the season, the only activity we can even begin to wrap our head around is relaxing by a big body of water. But hauling ourselves through the sand at the beach doesn’t sound so appealing anymore. Thankfully, we still have pools — our saving grace on 95-degree days. And when they come with a pool house, that’s even better. If you want

Photo via Hunter Fans It’s officially the dog days of summer, people! Our makeup is melting, our hair is frizzy and our clothes are more than a little rumpled. And to add insult to injury, the one thing standing between us and sweet, cool relief also happens to be one of the world’s ugliest decor items in the world. Fans! Why must an item of such functional beauty be such a design eye sore?  Who can save us? Well, it turns out more than a few designers are on the case. We

Above image from West Elm Whether you’re prepping your kids for their first day of school or heading off to college yourself, back to school season means it’s time to put forth your best organizational effort. But even you aren’t enrolled in classes, it doesn’t hurt to get into the hard-working, school spirit. From marbleized weekly planners to adorable pencil sets, these chic, modern desk essentials get an A+ for style. Put a Cork in It What’s one of the simplest, least expensive ways to get your desk organized? A corkboard.

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