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There’s a reason all the best parties happen in the summer. Two words: unbeatable weather. So to celebrate our favorite season, we teamed up with Sunnylife, the experts in all things summer fun, to throw the ultimate outdoor party. Break out the sunscreen and your boldest bikini, because these tips will make you want to host your own summer soiree! Tip #1: Don’t be afraid of color Forget what you’ve learned about adding just a pop of color here and a pop of color there. When decorating for a summer party,

Image via House Beautiful We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again — in the summertime, we prefer doing everything outdoors. And we mean everything. Dining al fresco? Of course. Working outside? Don’t mind if we do. Showering in the open air? You better believe it. However, there are some specific requirements our outdoor washrooms must have: beauty, cool and high-quality design. Because when nature calls, it should call in style. California Contemporary Palm trees, lemon trees and contemporary design are just a few things that California has to

The sun is shining, the flowers are in full bloom and we’re ready to be outside as often as possible. Unfortunately, not every home comes with a yard, a patio, or even a porch. But if you are lucky enough to have your own outdoor space, now is the time to take advantage of it. So we called upon Laurel & Wolf designer Jennifer Terry, to imagine three outdoor areas that match in style but not in price. To get the budget breakdown on this shabby-chic-meets-contemporary-eclectic patio, read on! RELATED:

Image via Architectural Digest Picture this: It’s a breezy June afternoon and you’re lounging on a porch, sipping a cool beverage and catching up on your summer reading. Sounds pretty ideal, right? We think so, which is why we’ve rounded up some of the prettiest porches out there, from sunny verandas to screened-in beauties with Southern charm. If you’re spending your afternoon doing anything but relaxing, these porches will without a doubt, transport you to a simpler summer day. Tropic Thunder Carribean romance is the name of the game when it comes

Image via Coco Lapine Design Ice cream is kind of like interior design. There are tons of different flavors you can taste or styles you can try in your home, but most people have a personal preference towards what they like best. Think about it — when you visit an ice cream shop, do you opt for eclectic flavors like honey lavender or are you more partial to the classics? Well, we think a person’s taste in ice cream can say a lot about their taste in interior design. So

As soon as summer’s rays start to grace us with their presence, we’ll find any excuse to be outside, soaking up every last ounce of sunshine. But everyone enjoys the great outdoors in different ways. Do you prefer sipping drinks at a Parisian-style sidewalk café or lounging by a rooftop pool? Or maybe you’re more of the rustic type and like to spend summer night’s by a campfire. Not sure? Take this quiz to discover your outdoor design style, then get to work transforming your own backyard or patio into your

Though summer technically doesn’t start for another month, Memorial Day is the unofficial start of the season. For many, having a Monday off of work is already cause for celebration. But with warm weather and the promise of longer days ahead, most people want to celebrate by gathering a group of great friends for great food, usually in the great outdoors. Playing host this year? We’ve got the tips to help you throw a stylish, yet laid-back Memorial Day party. Make your tablescape the main focus. If you’re doing Memorial Day

You know that classic saying, “April showers bring May flowers?” Well, it’s true! Those gloomy days in early April don’t really matter once our favorite buds finally begin to bloom. So to celebrate sunshine and florals, we called upon our interior designers to channel their inner flower child and design a space inspired by the vibrant hues and fragrant scents of the season. Read on for three winning looks that are sure to take the term “spring fling” to new, effortlessly chic heights. Springtime Serenity by Krystyna Abdou Blissful pastel and indigo tones mingle with soft shapes and textures in this light-filled

Image via C Home You know the feeling when that first 75 °F day in spring hits, and you just want to be outside? Yeah, we’re familiar as well. But since the great outdoors seem to make most humans so happy, why not bring nature’s bliss inside, too? Well, some spaces have it figured out. These homes take their designs into the wild with luscious gardens growing against their walls or paradisiacal accents that recreate the vibes of a white sand beach. So get in touch with nature through rooms

via Emily Henderson This year in honor of Earth Day, we’re reflecting on how the choices we make in our interiors affects the exterior world around us. Lucky for us socially-conscious design geeks, there’s an ever-increasing cache of stylish, eco-friendly products and hacks that we can implement to save energy, money…and the polar bears. What’s Old Is New Again Instead of particle board shelves and vinyl composition floor tiles, look for furniture made from either repurposed, recycled or sustainable materials. If it fits your aesthetic, reclaimed wood is a great pick. But there are also

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