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Above image from West Elm Whether you’re prepping your kids for their first day of school or heading off to college yourself, back to school season means it’s time to put forth your best organizational effort. But even you aren’t enrolled in classes, it doesn’t hurt to get into the hard-working, school spirit. From marbleized weekly planners to adorable pencil sets, these chic, modern desk essentials get an A+ for style. Put a Cork in It What’s one of the simplest, least expensive ways to get your desk organized? A corkboard.

There’s no better way to embrace the great outdoors than to sleep there. But you’ve gotta contend with finding a campsite, schlepping your gear, cooking your chow. If you want nature with a side of creature comforts, we’d suggest sticking close to home, like really close to home. For today’s installment of our Summer Bucket List, we put together this guide to glamping in your own backyard! Video: See our glamping set-up come to life! Pitch a tent (or a teepee! Or a yurt!) The more comfortable the structure, the more you’ll use

One of the great wonders of NYC is that you can get pretty much anything you want at pretty much any hour: Need a vintage 1930s ballgown at 2 am? Easy! An Ethiopian feast delivered to your door? Sure! But the one thing that can be hard to come by is an outdoor space to call your own. So the folks at the W Hotel asked us to help them change that. We teamed up to transform the Extreme Wow Suite at New York’s W Hotel into an urban glamping adventure. Now through

Photos: Hannah Lemholt Photography / John Bessler Think way back to the end of spring, when summer was just beginning to show its sweet, temperate face. It was a 70-degree day in May, the kind that makes you want to lay outside in a field of daisies with a book you can’t put down. You thought to yourself, I’m definitely going to catch up on my reading this summer, and began to create a list of books. Or maybe you didn’t. Maybe you only got as far as the thought. But

Photo: J.Mak Hospitality Some people pick their vacations based on food, nature, or culture. We love all of those things, but we like them with a serious side of style. So we’ve rounded up our nine favorite design hotels around the world. Whether you’re looking for big style in the Big Easy or modernism in Morocco, these chic stays will inspire a serious case of wanderlust… or maybe even a home renovation. Henry Howard Hotel, New Orleans, LA Get a taste of New Orleans’ jazzy spirit at the Henry Howard Hotel. Transformed from townhouses

In the summertime, drinking outdoors is an art. And we’re here to help you master it, along with all of the other warm weather activities on our Summer Bucket List (you can print the list here). Each time you complete a goal, check it off and by the end of the summer, you’ll be an ice cream expert, a pool party connoisseur, a professional picnicker, a mixology master, and more. But, back to the bar! Whether you’re having people over for after-work drinks or you’re simply relaxing outside on a sunny

It’s 95 degrees in the shade. You can’t wait to get home and take up residence in your hammock. But what to do for dinner when the thought of firing up the grill (or the stove or any heat source really) makes you want to weep?  We’ve got two words for you: Ice. Cream. Summer is the perfect excuse to reawaken the joys of childhood. That’s why we launched our Summer Bucket List (print out the list here), lining up a season’s worth of fun, from perfect picnics to pool parties. But it doesn’t

From midcentury escapes tucked in the desert to Deco resorts with big city flair, there’s something intoxicating about hotels with history. In honor of summer travel season, we’re taking a virtual walk through the halls of some of the coolest retro getaways. Just keep your ears perked in case the walls decide to whisper any secrets of decadent days gone by.  Hotel Molitor Paris, Paris, France With its mustard yellow facade and white balustrades, Hotel Molitor’s pool looks like it lives anywhere but Paris. In 1929, Olympic gold medalist Johnny Weissmuller took the

No matter whether you’re seven or seventy, there’s one summer activity that nearly everyone can agree on: chilling at the pool. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your own backyard or you’re getting wet and wild at parties all summer, bringing style to your swimming palace elevates the experience for everyone. So slather on the sunscreen and pull out the pool floats, because these splashy styles are a recipe for fun in the sun. Shady Lady There’s nothing like taking a dip on a hot, sunny day followed by

Summer in the city – a time when nearly everything is best done outdoors, from concerts in the park to al fresco movies, sidewalk brunches to balcony dinner parties. But let us not forget our favorite hot weather activity: rooftop happy hour. Among the many rituals of urban life, hitting a sky-high bar after work is the ultimate way to take advantage of the evening’s golden hours. From LA to Chicago, these high-altitude escapes serve up intoxicating sunset views alongside some serious style game. Whether you prefer to sip sangria poolside or down a

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