Design For The Season

It’s official – we’re trading in our leather jackets for sundresses and sandals because summer is finally here. As we stock up on this season’s essentials, like shoulder-baring tops and 90’s-style slip dresses, we find ourselves imagining all the ways we can translate summer’s hottest trends into our interiors. Whether you have a passion for tropical prints and colorful crochet or you’re coveting all things sleek and minimal, the breezy looks of this summer blend beautifully when brought into the home. Tropical Territory Picture this: The pinkest sunset you’ve ever

The poor, poor guestroom. For most people, it’s the place where you stash that box of who-knows-what that you never managed to unpack, even though you moved in 10 years ago.  Or it doubles as your office, a neglected workout room, or some combination of both. But when friends and family come to stay, you want to put your best foot forward. So, ahead of summer travel season, we’ve put together ten tips for creating the ultimate guest room. Tip 1: The Welcome A handwritten welcome note that includes your

Sun’s out, guns out – beach season is here! If you’ve spent any time at an oceanside vacation rental, you’ve probably seen your fair share of cheesy beach decor–think driftwood Margaritaville signs–but that doesn’t mean your coastal cottage has to be cheesy too. From shabby chic shacks to modern bohemian abodes, these coastal-inspired works of art will have every kind of vacation space dressed for a stylish summer. Abstract Beach Art The beauty of abstract art is its ability to blend seamlessly with just about any style of space. We

Capture the flag, canoeing, campfires. Nothing can drum up a serious dose of nostalgia like summer camp. So we love that designers everywhere have started to bring what’s great about the great outdoors into the home, from teepees in playrooms to camp blankets in the bedroom. But it’s easy for camp decor to come across, well, campy. So we’ve got tips, tricks, and products to create rooms that would make your arts and crafts counselor proud. 1. Use camping supplies as decor: Canoe paddles, travel pennants, and painted arrows — these are just a few

Father’s Day is coming. We’re giving you fair warning so that, for once, you don’t resort to the ol’ here’s-a-tie trick. This year, we dare you to go a little more sentimental. Ahead of Father’s Day, we teamed up with custom framing and delivery site Framebridge to gift one deserving Dad a special surprise. Shaun Foos met now-wife Rachel on a blind date at a dive bar, but decided to take things up several notches, proposing in a helicopter over Los Angeles. They now share a cozy three-bedroom home north of the city

Say goodbye to parkas and hello to summer. Memorial Day weekend has arrived to usher in a season of sunshine, sandals, rooftop drinks, and lazy beach days. But the best thing about summer holidays are the places we celebrate them and the meals we celebrate them with.Whether you’re glamping in a state park or tossing back cocktails in your own backyard, chances are you’ll be indulging in barbecue, burgers and desserts of the fruity or frozen variety. In honor of one of our favorite eating holidays, we’ve matched up six great recipes

It’s finally happening!  Summer is coming. As we bid a gleeful farewell to parkas and slush and gloom, we’re getting seriously amped up for warm weather, beach days and, most importantly, vacation. Whether your summer break means cookouts and cold beers on the Jersey Shore, white parties and champagne in the Hamptons or ‘smores over the fire in Yellowstone, there’s a charm to classic US vacation towns that holds a special place in our heart. So, as part of our countdown to summer, we’re celebrating homes inspired by our favorite summer getaways. The Hamptons

Every year as the sun starts to shine, spring fever sets in. Symptoms include: a desire to dine outside for every meal, an inability to drink anything but rosé, and the desire to fill every available surface with fresh flowers. But not all bouquets are created equal. So we teamed up with online flower retailer The Bouqs to design different arrangements to match different décor styles. Plucked from organic farms in the US-of-A and from the lush slopes of a South American volcano, these flowers will make your wintry interiors spring to life.

Florals for spring? No brainer. It’s what you do with your budding bouquets that makes all the difference. Leura Fine, founder and CEO of Laurel & Wolf is known for her eye for design, but we think she may have been a florist in a past life. As part of our collaboration with online flower retailer, The Bouqs, Leura designed eight lush arrangements to brighten up your home for spring. But these aren’t your average grocery store blooms. The Bouqs grows their flowers on eco-friendly US farms or on the

There truly is no place like home for the holidays, but sharing your childhood bedroom with four other people may not be the homey comfort you bargained for. Although waking up in a hotel room on Christmas morning isn’t quite the same as rising at a family member’s cozy abode, the important part is spending time with family regardless of where you stay. So, if you’ve opted to skip the poor sleep and make your holiday home a hotel room, there are small ways to turn even the most generic

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