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Image via Architectural Digest If you ask the average person how they want their home to feel, they’ll probably use words like bright, welcoming, and cozy. But since the darkest shade on the color wheel doesn’t often fall under any of those categories, people tend to avoid using black in their homes. Yet black doesn’t always mean dark and depressing. When used tastefully, it’s timeless and effortlessly chic — just like the little black dress. This dark tone causes drama in a room (the good kind) by creating contrast and

Image via Style At Home Trends are hard to keep up with. Ever-changing, contradictory, and sometimes seemingly senseless, no one can stay perfectly up to date with what’s “in” and what’s “out.” Though we talk a lot about trends, we also believe that free thought and personal style should lead the way when designing your space. So what decor trends do you think are big this season? There are no right or wrong answers — share your opinion below by swiping left or right to vote for the trends you

Image via Victoria Pearson for Nickey Kehoe It wasn’t all pastels and neutrals walking the runways at New York Fashion Week this month. Bold, saturated, and altogether uplifting hues were everywhere. And of course, the connoisseurs of color at Pantone were the first to call out the twelve tones and four classic shades that will be hot this spring. “The Spring 2018 palette encourages a sense of fun and playful release. With an air of complexity and distinctiveness, we find ourselves in a sanctuary of color that is ideal for

Image via One Kings Lane We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: traditional décor deserves its moment in the spotlight. And as it turns out, it’s getting one. After years of boho minimalism and mid-century modern spaces, designers are returning to their roots. But not in a stuffy or overly formal way like you might think. Classic motifs, plenty of decoration, and a totally cohesive layout are elements that define trad design. And when you put your own spin on it, a little tradition can go a long

Image via Luxe Source Interior design from the 80s and 90s is kind of like a bad yearbook picture — we would rather pretend it never happened. But considering the recent return of fashion trends from both eras, is it so impossible that those decades have no decor worth revisiting? We’ve recently taken a second look at the 90s and now we’re turning back the clock even further to examine the best and worst of the design period that came right before it. From primary colors to all-over rustic wood, there

Image via The Plum Guide Ah trends. No matter how timeless we convince ourselves they are in the moment, we inevitably have to bid them farewell. But with every macrame plant hanger we send to Goodwill, we also open up space for new design inspiration. So, from linen bedsheets to mid-century modern sofas, we’ve gathered 10 designs we’re tired of and some appealing alternatives for fall. #1. Linen Sheets Yes linen sheets make for great year round bedding. They’re also pricey, difficult to care for and have a very specific

Image via Apartment Therapy The sticky heat of summer makes us want three things: a pool to jump in, an icy drink to sip, and a refreshing frozen treat to snack on. But sorbet isn’t only refreshing in ice form — its succulent flavors make amazing hues for the home, too. So although summer is ending soon, we expect the vivid shades of our favorite sorbet flavors to stick around much longer. From mango to raspberry, read on for a set of seriously craveable color palettes. Mango + Lilac Tangy mango paired

Image via Elle Decoration Sweden Even the prettiest hues can lose their allure over time — especially if they’re used repeatedly in every space. And much like furniture, accents, and lighting, color is a key element in home design that should be chosen with purpose. It should animate a space, not make it boring or predictable. So if you’re tired of seeing the same old shades ruling a domaine, read on for bold new ways to play with pigment. From beige to blue, we’ve rounded up five conventional colors and the

Image via Studio McGee It’s 2017, but if you take a look at current fashion trends, you might just think it’s 1995. Nostalgia — especially for the decade predating the new millennium — is big right now. But it’s not just chokers and slip dresses that are making a comeback. The nineties are returning to our interiors as well. From wicker furniture to floral wallpaper, it’s time to decorate like it’s 1999. Back to Basics The nineties were all about getting back to basics in the realm of home decor. Of

Is Boho Design Over?

By: Sarah Beaumont

August 10, 2017

Image via Melanie Burstin Remember how huge the shabby-chic trend was a few years back? Distressed furniture, feminine frills and layers of white decor filled our Pinterest boards. Everyone wanted their space to look like they had gone foraging for furniture in their grandmother’s attic. Then came the Brooklyn chic look of reclaimed wood, exposed brick and Edison bulbs. Now? We’re in the reign of boho. From macrame planters to all Moroccan everything, the free-spirited, vintage-loving look has been large and in Instagram charge for years. But all trends have an

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