Designer Stories

From the canyons and deserts out West to the rolling green pastures of the East, there’s an awful lot of beauty packed into our US-of-A. And as our founding fathers intended, we’ve made it our own by designing spaces as unique as each separate corner of the American landscape. So this July 4th, as we celebrate our founding fathers, we’re also tipping our hat to our founding designers. These iconic creative minds put their decorative touch on homes from Hollywood to the Hamptons, creating whole new schools of style for the States. Read

Our childhood homes are full of memories that will forever be frozen in time, but that doesn’t mean the houses themselves have to stay stuck in the past too. As kids leave home and plant roots in new cities, parents can finally take back what was once theirs. And that is exactly what one Interior Designer enabled her parents to do. Growing up in a small town outside of Houston, Laurel & Wolf Designer, Claire Brody first discovered her love for design through her mother. “She’s definitely a decorator at heart. I remember her always rearranging the furniture and thinking about design. I’m

It takes a lot of trust to invite an interior designer into your home, to let them express who you are and how you’re going to live in your space. But Estee Stanley has had the ultimate training: styling celebrities. “Picking out a couch for someone is nothing compared to seeing them in their underwear,” Stanley says. After dressing everyone from Jessica Biel to the Olsen twins, Penelope Cruz to Justin Timberlake, Stanley began helping clients design their homes as well. “Interior designers are like DJs, remixing our own style to