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Image via Abaton Haven’t you heard? Upsizing is the new downsizing. At least that’s the verdict according to a recent survey conducted by Trulia. Out of all the regrets homeowners across America have, buying a house that’s lacking in space ranks the highest. This may seem surprising since, over the last few years, people all over the world have chosen to “embrace minimalism” by giving up most of their material possessions in order to move into a tiny house. It’s a phenomenon that’s inspired a myriad of HGTV shows. It’s a trend

Image via Entrance Not all of us are luxuriating in endless amounts of square footage. But thankfully, big style can come in any size home! You just need to know how to get it. So, before you give up hope of making your cozy abode both functional and fashionable, take note of our savvy designers’ 10 clever secrets for small space design. 1. Thinking Area Rug? Go Big or Go Home Oh the irony. When incorporating an area rug into your small space, select a large, extending piece that covers

Image via Chronically Vintage Our homes have changed a lot over the past half a century. But when you take a look through time, you’ll find there are some trends that we recycle again and again. Think Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern or the pastel hues of the 1980s. Naturally, there are great styles from the past that haven’t had quite the same staying power. But with a little walk down memory lane, you might be inspired to bring a retro look into your space. Whether you were born in

Image via Local + Lejos Another one of your succulents bites the dust. You watered it sparingly, you placed it in the sun, and then, as it slowly wilted, you cursed the ground it came from. We’ve watched in despair as each of our formerly lush and leafy friends wilted and joined their botanical buds in plant heaven. We know how real the plant-keeping struggle can be, so we’ve rounded up the most common plant-killing mistakes and how you can stop making them. Because you don’t need to be a gardening guru to keep your houseplants

Image via The Citizenry We keep a lot of stuff in our homes, but we don’t often think about where it all comes from. Sure, you may remember where you bought your sofa or that you haggled for that piece of art at the Paris flea market. But your home is most likely filled with things made or invented in other parts of the world. In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, we’re putting the spotlight on Mexico. In 2016 alone, furniture, bedding, and lighting made up $10.4 billion dollars worth

Image via Arent & Pyke from Alex Hotel Rattan and cane — they’re the hottest home decor materials since marble. From ’70s-style rattan chairs to simple baskets, woven accents are all the rage right now. But we’re paying attention to cane in particular. This flexible material has the ability to give your home that relaxed, boho vacation look or make your minimal space feel like a traditional spring picnic. But how do you differentiate between these wicker varieties? Read on for a breakdown of cane furniture and products to help you

Have you ever walked into a dark, dingy room and immediately felt your mood drop? Or maybe you’ve stayed in a hotel that put you totally at ease the moment you set your suitcase down. Our environment has a big impact on the way we feel. Whether the scent of a space triggers a memory or the lighting sets a certain vibe, there are a lot of factors play into our moods. Dr. Traci Bank, a therapist and adjunct professor at Pepperdine University, is a firm believer that creating a space

Image via Architectural Digest Traditional style (or “trad” for short) sometimes gets a bad rap. Some people think of it as fussy, stuffy and grandma. Others think, why live in the past when there’s so much great design happening in the present? But the truth is, trad style allows for a lot more experimentation than you might imagine. And in the right hands, it can feel seriously fresh and new. So how much traditional is too much and how do you make it work for you? Well, we’ll break it all down for you.

We spend a lot of time in bed. A third of our lives, to be exact. But even if you’re clocking eight hours under the covers each night, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting proper sleep. The truth is, our bedrooms have the power to make or break our quality of shut-eye. So to help you get the best snooze possible, we’ve compiled this handy bedroom design guide filled with doctor’s tips, scientifically proven sleep facts, and slumber-inducing secrets from interior designers. Keep It Clean A clean and relaxing bedroom

Imagine being slept on, sweat on, soaked in chemicals and thrown into a hot dryer. Doesn’t sound pretty, huh? Well, such is the life of our bedding. But caring for it properly doesn’t have to be so bad. Whether you’re a culprit of overwashing or underwashing, you’re probably unknowingly damaging your bedding in some way. So we’ve gathered the number one bedding mistakes and how to fix them. After all, we spend more than a third of our lives in bed – better learn how to treat our sheets! LAUNDRY

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