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Design trends (like everything else right now) are, in large part, driven by social media. Is your wall Insta-worthy? Is your living room Pinnable? What’s the new millennial pink? We needed answers, so we asked our resident design guru, Lori Evans, about what to expect going into the new year. Check out her design predictions for 2018. 1. Be Bold What’s an Instagram feed without generous splashes of color? She suggested adding bold colors and pattern-on-pattern mixing to your room, stat. “Thanks to Instagram, people want to post what they’ve done to

When our time-to-workout alarm goes off at 6 am, it’s dark and cold outside and so darn cozy inside. We will come up with pretty much any excuse to hit that snooze button. But if you want to keep those exercise-more resolutions, you’re going to need some motivation. That’s why we’ve rounded up the most visually inspiring gyms around the world. These are the places that you’ll actually want to work out in this year. Equinox (multiple locations) We don’t know about you, but we’d be pretty darned happy to