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Photo by Michelle Kenyon At Laurel & Wolf, we believe you’re never too young to get inspired by great design! Creating a functional space for your little one is important but there is also plenty of room during the design process to encourage exploration and create moments that will delight your child’s imagination. The perfect example of this is Valeria Girimonte and Alexis Bernard‘s new space for their daughter, Camille. With the help of one of our designers, Estie Kessler, they wanted to create a romantic, playful and serene room

Self-care–a focus on your mental and physical health–is everything right now but it doesn’t only apply to beauty routines, clean eating and exercise. Self-care starts at home. It’s about waking up every day in a room that makes you happy and promotes positivity. That means finally saying farewell to damaged decor that could be harmful to your health and placing a renewed focus on creating a space that puts your mind at ease. Here are five ways you can instantly spread some love to your space. Incorporate Natural Elements When

Kids bedrooms aren’t usually noted for their sophisticated style. But it’s not a bad idea to design a room that your kid can grow into rather than one they’ll grow out of within a few years (this means no SpongeBob sheet sets). Laurel & Wolf designer Stacy Graves is a pro at creating bedrooms that appeal to both kid’s and adult’s tastes. So we called upon her to design a boho-chic bedroom at three different price points, that anyone ages eight to eighteen might like. Read on for the budget

Image via Houzz From little ones in their terrible-twos to full grown adults in their 30s, a treehouse is a beloved playground for all. Inside the cozy wooden walls, our stress levels plummet and our imaginations run wild. We feel a sense of detachment from the rest of the busy world (goodbye morning traffic!) and enter our own realm of blissful relaxation and adventure. So, from rustic treehouses that are just a few feet above the ground to modern and remodeled ones high up in the air, we’ve rounded up 6

It’s no secret that having kids changes EVERYTHING. Besides the fact that you suddenly have to commit a large portion of your time and energy to caring for someone else, you often have to change the way you live. Yes, this means making sacrifices when it comes to your home’s design. (All-white furniture and sharp, glass surfaces probably aren’t the best choices.) But child-proofing your space doesn’t mean you have to give up your sense of style entirely. Whether you’re decorating a nursery or your living room, we’ve got tips to

We’re not going to lie. We’re freaking out more than a little bit because we just met one of our all-time fave celebs (and design crushes), Ellen DeGeneres. Ahead of Mother’s Day, we visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show with our friends from The Home Depot to give free interior design packages to some very deserving, expectant moms. In honor of the occasion, our designers dreamed up some perfect nursery set-ups. Ready to get some tips and tricks of your own? Read on!  And in the meantime, check out our appearance on the show here. Where

When Ashley Gensler founded custom home furnishings brand Loom Decor, it was her one and only baby. “I decided to open Loom to make the gorgeous fabrics & custom textiles typically only available through high-end showrooms, accessible to the everyday homeowner and the designers that serve them,” Ashley says. With an MBA and a passion for interiors, she launched the company in Brooklyn, NY. The five year old company has been thriving, but it’s not Ashley’s only child anymore. Now son Teddy and daughter Harriet have joined the family. “A different side of me

Image via Lonny Oh, the joys of siblinghood — hand-me-down clothes, fights over toys, and sharing just about everything. We all know that “sharing is caring” but if you grew up with siblings or have multiple kids yourself, then you realize just how hard it can be. No kid wants to split their bedroom with another, but these whimsical and playful designs make it look pretty easy. Rooms with Wings Sharing a bedroom isn’t so bad when your room has wings. Birds take flight against wallpaper that stretches to the ceiling in

Rebecca Raskind knows a thing or two about the importance of personalization. After she and her husband Jared moved into their Los Angeles fixer-upper, the creative couple immediately got to work transforming it to match their quirky glam style. Fast forward a few years, and the home has become a medley of Hollywood Regency and California-boho style, complete with a garage-turned pool house office (designed by yours truly). The happy home was nearly complete, but it was still missing one thing – a tiny addition to the family. Then, nearly

You know how dog owners and their puppies often start to look alike? Well we think the same can happen with their homes. So in honor of National Puppy Day, we’re throwing our furry friends a bone by collecting rooms that were made to match their seriously adorable features. From spaces as cuddly as a golden retriever to those that have the spunk of a French bulldog, these rooms prove that dog is more than man’s best friend — they’re our interior inspiration too! Samoyed Puppy + Fluffy White Nursery Gentle and playful, Samoyeds make

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