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Image via Homey Oh My If you have kids or a dog, then you know the truth: mudrooms are highly underrated. They provide a barrier between the rest of your home and the outside elements. They’re a functional space for shoe and jacket storage. Name aside, these areas are a lot more than spaces for tracking dirt. Mudrooms are like the opening act to an exciting band. They aren’t the main course, but they can give you a pretty good taste of what’s to come. From eclectic entryways to laundry

Image: oh joy! studio designed by Emily Henderson Anyone with a crafting hobby needs a space where their creative juices can flow. So conquer your to-DIY list by emptying that old storage closet or finally organizing your office to create a craft area that’s both functional and beautiful. Because how can you create pin-worthy goods if you’re not crafting in a Pinterest-worthy room? In honor of National Crafting Month, we’ve compiled tips to help you stock a space that’s as beautiful as your crafting creations. Declutter & clear space. No

There’s no denying that kids do a lot of adorable things. But the plethora of art projects they bring home from school? Well, those can get a little overwhelming. Are we supposed to display them all or store them in a box somewhere? Don’t get us wrong, we’re in full support of fostering our kid’s creative energy, but not everyone’s child is a natural-born Picasso. So how do you show them you’re proud of their work while maintaining the high-style of your home? We collaborated with the experts at Framebridge

Image via Architectural Digest Oh, to be a kid again. Remember the days when you could spend hours playing outdoors? Or when you were grounded but it wasn’t so bad because your room was filled with all your favorite toys? Maybe you wanted to be a ballerina so your space resembled a pretty, pink studio. Or maybe your love for animals had transformed it into a forest of adorable, stuffed creatures and critters. We love a themed kids room, but they often end up over the top or cheesy. That’s why we’re

No one ever said that being a parent is easy, but Bethann Wagner sure makes it look that way. As her five-year-old daughter Harlowe dances around the brand new bedroom she shares with baby brother Gunnar, Bethann gestures around the space. “Gunnar is probably going to walk because of this furniture,” she says, pointing towards a mirrored side table and dresser. “He stands up, looks at himself and gets all excited, then tries to take a step towards me.” As a YouTube Beauty Strategist who also runs her own fashion and

When you spend your days changing the face of new media and your nights at home raising an energetic two-year-old, decorating your space probably falls last on your to-do list. So, when Digital Media Exec Sarah Penna’s realtor showed her an off-the-market, modern stunner in Mar Vista, CA, she decided to leave the design work to the professionals. “I was driving myself crazy on Pinterest. I could probably do a hilarious [Youtube] series about things I saw on Pinterest, tried to do, and absolutely failed,” says Sarah. The Before: The After: And she knows a thing or two

The first thing you see when you enter Kassidy Gerber’s home in Redmond, Washington, is a set of Danish teak chairs encircling an elegant marble table. Once an area Kassidy and her family rarely used, the dining room is now the heart of the house, where nightly conversations take place over dinner. After redesigning their living, dining, and bonus rooms, Kassidy and her family discovered a new appreciation for the place they call home. “I love the furniture in our living room so I won’t let anyone eat in there

Father’s Day is coming. We’re giving you fair warning so that, for once, you don’t resort to the ol’ here’s-a-tie trick. This year, we dare you to go a little more sentimental. Ahead of Father’s Day, we teamed up with custom framing and delivery site Framebridge to gift one deserving Dad a special surprise. Shaun Foos met now-wife Rachel on a blind date at a dive bar, but decided to take things up several notches, proposing in a helicopter over Los Angeles. They now share a cozy three-bedroom home north of the city

Sleeping isn’t something that Meg Resnikoff does much of. Nearly any mom of three young children can sympathize, particularly one with a career like Meg’s. After graduating from Standford University, she went to work for large corporations in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, until she was struck by an “aha” moment that changed the course of her professional life. “After having my second child and being out of the corporate world for a number of years, I really wanted to do something I was passionate about. And there’s nothing I’m more

You know that cozy corner of the family room in your childhood house? Or maybe it’s the island in the kitchen. Or that shiny long dining room table. We all have a place that draws us back, where you once smeared yogurt on the wall, made blanket forts, fought, made up, took prom pictures, had movie nights. And the person who was there through it all?  Mom. In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve asked our mamas to take over the blog and tell us about their favorite rooms and all

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