Between cooking, cleaning, eating meals, late night snacking, and oftentimes catching up on work or bills, the kitchen is likely one of the rooms in our homes that we spend the most time in — and if that’s so, shouldn’t it also be one of the prettiest rooms? We’re big fans of food so the kitchen is definitely one of our favorite spaces and we’re all about making it both beautiful and functional. If your kitchen is looking a little more drab than ‘Master Chef’ use these simple tips to

Who says beautiful design has to cost a fortune? We have scoured the seemingly endless array of home goods from ‘Tarjay’ to bring you the very best they have to offer in home design. These items have made the cut thanks to their versatility, functional design, and all-around beauty. Scroll through to view the complete list of our favorites! 1. Dar Saddle Stool In our opinion, a multifunctional stool is a must-have piece of furniture. Available in either black or white, the chic design of Target’s Dar Stool makes it an attractive addition to

Do you remember the first time you entered the dollar store? We remember how it felt– both magical and terrifying at the same time. Initially, you almost hollered, “One of everything, stat!” but then you stopped yourself mid-sentence when you realized that you really didn’t need a home full of random trinkets. Nevertheless, the dollar store has its place in the world and surprisingly enough, sells an abundance of useful items that can help you design your home. Here are out top 5 favorites: 1. Multi-toned river pebbles These pebbles can

Whether you’re a city apartment dweller or living the white-picket-fence dream, your bedroom should be the main destination of your home. After all, you spend 25 years of your life in bed (yes, seriously!) so it better be comfy and look good too! We’ve got 3 easy ways to pull your space together with a budget of $3-5k. Scroll down for more design inspiration!  Bedroom From $3-5k: Coastal Modern Style Tip #1: Your bedroom is not just your bed. So many people get stuck in the idea that their bedroom should JUST

Never underestimate the importance of a well designed bedroom. Your bedroom should be your happy place; if you’re living with roommates it may be the only space you have to make uniquely yours, and if you live on your own your bedroom should be your personal retreat. It doesn’t cost a fortune to create a beautiful bedroom interior design! Our tips: Pick a beautiful bed frame. There’s nothing more depressing than a naked mattress. Fill out the negative space. Negative space is essentially empty space, and the best way to fill

Photo via IKEA. IKEA. The behemoth discount furniture retailer that we loathe… and love. It’s the one-stop shop for designing a space on a budget. The pinnacle of convenient Scandinavian style. Though you may associate IKEA with frustrating self-assembly, temporary furniture buys, and Swedish meatballs, we’ve scoured the aisles and found some incredible hidden gems that look sleek, posh, and stylish in the home. RASKOG Utility Cart This sturdy little cart offers endless possibilities. Use it as a nightstand, in your kitchen, as an office supply organizer, or even as a bar

Moving into your first apartment is really exciting – you’re finally free from your cramped dorm and shared bathroom (yuck!). And if it’s your first time moving into a new place, we know it can be a little overwhelming. Bare walls and furniture-less rooms got you down? Don’t worry, we’ve got your guide to making your brand new apartment feel like a home (even if it’s only for 12 months). 1. Budget your time, energy, and resources. Coming out of college, we know you’re probably working with a limited budget –

You’ve decided that it’s time to totally transform your living room: whether it’s because you’re moving into your first real home, hosting the family reunion this summer, or because you just feel like it (which we fully support!). The good news is that you can completely change the look of your living room for under $10,000. For a budget of this size, you’ll easily be able to buy: matching armchairs or seating a couch or sectional a coffee table side tables floor lamps and table lamps an area rug accessories and wall

First we showed you couches at every price point, and now we’re tackling dining room tables! This is definitely going to be the focal point of your dining room (and if you’re in an open floor plan space, it might be the star of the whole show!) so choose wisely. You can get some really amazing dining room pieces for a decent price point, especially if you know where to shop. We happen to love the classic rectangular style dining table because its perfect for entertaining but can also double as a

You’re ready to design your living room with Laurel & Wolf! Woohoo! You take your free style quiz, you fill out your design brief, and you get to a little box that says, ‘What’s your budget for this room?’…. Uh oh. NO. CLUE. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most people aren’t sure exactly where to set their budget when they begin to design their homes. We’re starting a new series to help you get clear on your budget for your space! A typical, complete living room makeover usually ends up

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