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We all know that Easter decorations have the tendency to be borderline tacky. Plastic eggs, creepy bunnies and butter lambs are kitschy, but we prefer to spend our cash on more timeless buys. So we tasked interior designers Jamie Clugston and Ashley Paul with a tough feat: Creating a classy Easter brunch table for under $300. They hopped to it, creating chic spreads with florals galore and pastels done right. Read on to shop both of their looks here. Designed by Jamie Clugston The Styleboard: The Design:  We’re smitten with the bird cage-inspired centerpiece paired with seasonal blooms and

Image via Lonny Some may argue that the menu is the most important ingredient in planning a dinner party. But seasoned entertainers know that it’s just as much about setting the mood. After all, everything tastes better when the chairs are comfy, the music is on and the lighting looks good. So feast your eyes on these must-have dinner party essentials. Bon appetit! Food presentation is half the feat of the feast, so make sure you have stylish serving bowls and platters to display your fine eats. No one will be digging into dinner

The first thing you see when you enter Kassidy Gerber’s home in Redmond, Washington, are a set of Danish teak chairs encircling an elegant marble table. Once a space Kassidy and her family rarely used, the dining room is now the heart of the house, where nightly conversations take place over dinner. After redesigning their living, dining, and bonus rooms, Kassidy and her family discovered a new appreciation for the place they call home. “I love the furniture in our living room so I won’t let anyone eat in there

“You can literally find inspiration anywhere,” says BRIDES Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Keija Minor as she lounges on her cottage-style sofa in the living room of her new Hamptons home. If you haven’t heard of Keija yet, the first thing to know is that her inspirations not only fuel her personal life and style, but her career as well. In her impressive role at BRIDES, Keija’s day-to-day is filled with exquisite items, innovative ideas, and stylish moments, all of which she uses to inspire a more beautiful and curated life within her readers. Between her

We all know someone who has put our needs before their own. For many of us that person is our parent, who was always there to lift us up or make us feel better when we were ill, or a friend who showed us how to laugh again when we were at our lowest. At Laurel & Wolf, we thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could give back to someone who has been generous with us in a big way? The holidays present the perfect chance to acknowledge the

First we showed you couches at every price point, and now we’re tackling dining room tables! This is definitely going to be the focal point of your dining room (and if you’re in an open floor plan space, it might be the star of the whole show!) so choose wisely. You can get some really amazing dining room pieces for a decent price point, especially if you know where to shop. We happen to love the classic rectangular style dining table because its perfect for entertaining but can also double as a

One of the easiest and most overlooked ways to bring style to your dining room is by changing up your lighting sources! Lighting can completely transform a space, adding luxury, color, brightness, or uniqueness to a room instantly. Check out some of our favorite ways to make a statement in your dining room with lighting.   Bring warmth to a sleek modern or contemporary room by adding a pop of color with a pendant light.   A wall-mounted light source is surprising and innovative, and adds a contemporary feel to a

So you’ve got the perfect dining room table to match your space… but you’re having a hard time figuring out what to do about seating? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Break some rules and eschew the matching chair/table combo with these killer dining room table ideas!   Upgrade the basic, rustic table you brought home with some chic lucite chairs. They immediately take you from farmhouse to coolhaus!   Want to explore mismatched chairs but you’re not sure where to start? First, pick one color. Then, look for chairs that have

After the l o n g e s t winter, (sorry, Midwesterners, we know you’re still experiencing the flurries) spring is finally upon us! Want to take advantage of the beautiful sunny weather for your Easter and Passover celebrations? Us too! We’ve created 2 super easy (and surprisingly inexpensive!) tablescapes that you can recreate in your home. Either are perfect for a spring garden party, a wedding shower, or your Easter brunch! TABLE 1: THE DARLING ROSE Inspired by The Bouqs adorable rose bouquet, ‘The Darling’, we created this sweet rose-toned

Featured Designer: Payal Patel  Hosting a holiday dinner party can be overwhelming considering the many projects we tend to take on during this time of the year. Luckily, I have put together a quick set of tips to help you get your dining room all set and ready for your guests… 1. Select a Theme – Like all design projects, the first step is to select a theme that will tie the whole room together and help your statement make an impact. Personally, I like to draw inspiration from books I have read,

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