Tax season strikes fear into the hearts (and bank accounts) of many. But if you’re lucky, all the pain of pouring over W2s and hunting down deductions will culminate in a nice, big chunk of change. According to IRS filing data, the average American tax return is between $2800-3,000. So what to do with all that cash? No surprise here, we’re planning to spend it on our homes! But instead of splurging on trends that will go out of style, why not invest in improvements that will raise your home’s value over the long

The year is 1962 and architectural duo Krisel & Palmer are completing the design for a brand new condominium in the desert paradise of Palm Springs. With its butterfly roofline, horizontal orientation, and patterned cinderblock cladding, Canyon View Estates was quintessentially midcentury in design. But, for the time, this was no ordinary condominium. Made to feel more like single-family homes than stacked vacation units, the properties at Canyon View reinvented condo living and helped put Palm Springs on the map as the midcentury modern capital of the world. Fast forward

To many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we partake in our morning coffee rituals, fuel our bodies with food, have wine nights with friends and cook dinner with our loved ones. So why shouldn’t it be as beautiful as the meals and memories we make in it? We know that overhauling a kitchen is no easy task. It’s a time-consuming and expensive process. But it doesn’t have to be nearly as messy as that time you decided to make pasta from scratch. When it comes

Photo via Decorpad Feeling motivated? Us too. After a brisk jog and a green juice this morning, we meditated, signed up to volunteer more and decided that we were finallllllly going to get around to investing more. Oh and budgeting. And no more impulse shopping. Also, meatless Mondays. Ooh and maybe we’ll clean out the closet. But a few weeks into the new year, our Netflix queue is calling, we’re back to hitting the snooze alarm and who left that pint of Ben & Jerry’s in the fridge?!  Staying motivated

Image from Sandy Koepke Interior Design  Fresh fruit on the beach, rosé on rooftops, and burgers in the backyard – summertime is all about enjoying your eats al fresco. When the weather is pretty much perfect, it’s hard to resist spending every second outside, which is why a simple grill just doesn’t cut it anymore. The exterior eating experience is complete when you can prepare, cook, and eat your meals outdoors. Whether on a rooftop patio, a covered deck or by a poolside garden, these 8 dreamy outdoor kitchens have cooked

Christina Applegate stands in her pristine, newly finished kitchen looking as lovely and comfortable at home as she does on the big screen. Her hand gently rests on the smooth, white finish of her new Caesarstone countertops as she cheerfully chats about everything from the simplicity of designing her space with Laurel & Wolf, to the joys of motherhood, and playing the vivacious Veronica Corningstone in the cult-comedy, Anchorman. You would never know that a flood had recently ravaged her house, destroying all of the floors. Christina has felt at home in

Preparing food for a party isn’t exactly easy, especially if your kitchen is lacking proper supplies. As the holiday season approaches, anxiety over entertaining guests rises and you don’t want to be unprepared when it’s time to throw your big Thanksgiving soireé. Luckily, in our ever-evolving world of high-tech innovation, almost everything is created with the purpose of making life easier — and the modern-day kitchen is both beautiful and teeming with smart technology. From stunning, state-of-the-art design to groundbreaking gadgets and cooking supplies, these inspiring design details can help

Between cooking, cleaning, eating meals, late night snacking, and oftentimes catching up on work or bills, the kitchen is likely one of the rooms in our homes that we spend the most time in — and if that’s so, shouldn’t it also be one of the prettiest rooms? We’re big fans of food so the kitchen is definitely one of our favorite spaces and we’re all about making it both beautiful and functional. If your kitchen is looking a little more drab than ‘Master Chef’ use these simple tips to

If you don’t have a ton of counter space in your kitchen, adding an island can make a huge impact on your life (and your meals!). Added storage, counter space, and seating are just some of the benefits of installing an island in your kitchen, and they don’t have to be boring or blocky to get the job done! Check out our 7 favorite well designed kitchen islands below… 7. Rustic Country Kitchen Island Totally open for storage below a raw wood counter top, this kitchen island is an excellent

Make cooking dinner way more enjoyable by upgrading your kitchen backsplash! Add color, design, and inspiration to your kitchen by utilizing the area behind your burners as an area to express your creative side! Read on to check out our top 7 picks! 7. Moroccan Mosaic This kitchen has us seeing stars! We love the combination of clean white tile and detailed mosaic. Go for the gold by adding a pattern to your cabinets as well as your backsplash! 6. Subway Tile Classic white subway tile is a wonderful go to.

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