Rebecca Raskind knows a thing or two about the importance of personalization. After she and her husband Jared moved into their Los Angeles fixer-upper, the creative couple immediately got to work transforming it to match their quirky glam style. Fast forward a few years, and the home has become a medley of Hollywood Regency and California-boho style, complete with a garage-turned pool house office (designed by yours truly). The happy home was nearly complete, but it was still missing one thing – a tiny addition to the family. Then, nearly

Michelle, co-creator of fashion and lifestyle blog 52 Thursdays, is accustomed to adventure. As a kid, she lived everywhere from Germany to Hawaii, later settling with her family outside of Washington, D.C. Now a resident of Los Angeles, the social media influencer is approaching her biggest adventure yet – motherhood. “My husband and I moved to LA just a little over two years ago. A work promotion and warmer weather brought us to the West Coast, plus I get antsy staying put in one area for too long!” Michelle says.

When we heard that Queen Bey and Jay were about to add two little ones to their musically royal family, we dropped everything and started designing our dream spaces for the little ones. We had James Tabb tackle creating a look that’s all Beyonce, while Kimberly Winthrop imagined a space that’s all Jay-Z. Check out the designs and tell us where you fall. Are you Team Bey or Team Jay? Their Sister’s Nursery Although they haven’t released images of daughter Blue Ivy’s nursery, we do know that Bey purchased one badass crib for her.

Like any hopeful mother-to-be, when Michelle found out that she would be welcoming her first child into the world, she practically burst with joy. However, while those nine months of baby preparation seem like eons on paper, time flew by and before she knew it, Michelle was in her third trimester and had no plans for a space to bring her little one home to. Luckily, she discovered Laurel & Wolf and was able to design a safe and stylish nursery just in time for her baby boy, Jonah’s arrival. After

Welcoming a baby into the world is one of the most magical moments a family will experience. After nine long months of planning for your baby’s arrival, you want that moment to be as stress-free and beautiful as possible. Whether you are tired of the traditional, “blue for boy and pink for girl” standard, or you are anxiously awaiting the big reveal, there are endless imaginative ways to break this color rule. Parents: Prepare to be inspired. From tranquil textures to playful motifs, here’s our tips to designing a gender-neutral nursery for

We’re not gonna lie, we were pretty excited to hear that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are expecting a bouncing baby boy. A brother for Nori? SO CUTE! Of course, we immediately started brainstorming how we’d design the nursery of future Baby West. Kim & Kanye aren’t exactly known for their subtly, but they also have an incredible sense of personal style that of course needs to shine through in their new baby’s nursery! The Inspiration: Kim and Kanye’s Daily Fashion The Nursery: Baby Kimye The feel of this nursery is glamorous, moody,

Nurseries make us squeal here at Laurel & Wolf. We love everything about them: the plush textiles, the soft colors, the adorable baby animal photos that hang on the walls. We’ve seen hundreds of nursery design projects get Laurel & Wolf’ed and we love how unique and interesting each and every one is thanks to our incredible Laurel & Wolf designers. We especially love when our clients are excited to work with their designers by integrating furniture they already own, pieces that hold sentimental value, and DIY projects into their Laurel

Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton are expecting their second child on April 25, and we’re all day-dreaming about the design of the royal nursery. Since the gender of the baby is unknown (though many are speculating that it will be a little girl named Alice), we have to imagine that the nursery will have a neutral color scheme with sophisticated and cozy furnishings. So we created a royal nursery with pieces that you can easily use to transform your little one’s space into a royal palace!  OUR RECOMMENDATIONS: We positioned this

Parents are always asking us how they can quickly revamp their child’s room or nursery. Our recommendation – one of the most cost-effective ways to completely transform a space is with a coat of paint. For our little ones, we can make their rooms feel even more magical by adding various patterns and murals. From stripes to tree houses, we’ve got you covered! Make a statement on a large blank wall with polka dots. These bright and colorful dots are naturally fitting for a toddler’s room and still retain an essence of tasteful subtlety! If

We fell in love with Chriselle Lim the moment we laid eyes on her gorgeous blog, The Chriselle Factor, and when we found out she was in the market for a new nursery we jumped on the opportunity to help her create a beautiful new space for her and baby Chloe! (Little Chloe hasn’t made her appearance yet… but soon!) Laurel & Wolf designer Lucinda Pace created a neutral palate nursery for Chriselle and Chloe. Instead of going with the typical pinks and purples that we tend to see in

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