With Venice in their backyard, cyber security company, Signal Sciences is making more than waves in the Silicon Beach scene. And, like most flourishing tech start-ups, long hours and late night collaborations often come with the territory. According to Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Peterson, “The team spends so much time in the space that you figure you’d want to invest in making it really amazing. Something that people are excited about spending 40 plus hours a week in.” With the help of Laurel & Wolf and their Designer Stacey Cohen, Signal Sciences has become more than just an

Rachel Hollis, founder and editor of popular lifestyle website, The Chic, is not afraid to speak the truth. As a mother to three boys, an author, and an ex-celebrity event planner, she has a wide range of experience both in the entrepreneurial world and in the realm of womanhood. Described as her “digital front porch,” Rachel founded The Chic with the goal of creating honest content that resonates with women and encourages them to live a creative and ultimately, ‘chic’ life. A few months after moving into the new Chic HQ’s, Rachel

As part of our momentous ‘relaunching’ day today, we thought that it might be a good time to open up our doors and give you all a sneak peek at our new Laurel & Wolf office! Over the past year, we have had the incredibly good fortune of growing at a phenomenal pace, and sometime around January of this year, we took a look around and realized that we either needed to start investing in bunk beds, or start looking for a new work space. Fast-forward 6 months and dozens

Phoebe Hayman is the creative mastermind behind the family lifestyle brand, Seedling. Her unique perspective on play matched with her artistic drive is what fuels her company and makes her so successful. As a mother, artist, and entrepreneur, she plays many roles, all while upholding the mission to design a lifestyle, rather than an end-product. Like the process of interior design, Seedling’s toys focus on creative exploration and provide a shared experience for the entire family. We had the opportunity to stop by the Seedling Headquarters to discuss our similar company

Although we love a well-styled bookshelf all the time, when Fall rolls around and school is back in session we get that organizational itch and want to re-do everything — especially if it involves styling our precious paperbacks and inspiring accessories. In light of the new “#shelfie” phenomenon (like a selfie but a well-styled shelf), we’re all about bookcases that house more than just books. From art and plants to small collectibles and shoes, these bookcases are breaking the norm. Scroll through to gather inspiration and tips for creating your own artfully

If you work from home, you know what a struggle it can be to actually get any work done. As you’re posted up with your laptop at the dining room table, you easily become distracted by that pile of laundry sitting on a chair or the neglected electric bill on the fridge. Let’s face it — it’s hard to work from home unless you have a cohesive, non-distracting work space, and believe it or not, a home office does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Laurel & Wolf designer

One of the coolest e-commerce style sites just got even more stylish. We recently had the pleasure of giving the DailyLook offices a makeover to match their fashionable service. If you haven’t heard of DailyLook yet, get ready for your mind to be blown and your outfit game to majorly improve. This site is basically a personal stylist in a box; every month you receive a complete ‘look’ to your door that includes 7-11 products. Once the month is up, you can either choose to buy items or send them back. It’s perfect

Ever notice that when you change a few things in your bedroom or finally get around to hanging that piece of art you’ve had laying around forever that your home suddenly feels rejuvenated? You get more done at home, start inviting friends over more often, and you might even start getting more dates (yes, a well designed bedroom can have this affect on the universe… #seriously). So if you’re bored at work or feeling stuck in a creative rut, why haven’t you changed up your desk yet!? It may seem completely

We get it. Desk jobs can be a little draining, especially if your desk is lacking in personal touch. Chances are your cubicle doesn’t resemble those spacious home offices you’ve ogled on Pinterest, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have style and personality! We’re here to tell you that the days of the boring cubicle are over. Making your office space just as inspired as your home will only enhance your productivity and make the day go by faster. Don’t be afraid to get a little funky with it! Adorn your desk with chic

We recently had the chance to partner up with the super cool furniture and fashion resale site Chairish to design the home office of the very lovely (and very British!) fashionista and TV host Louise Roe. This is the most exciting project ever for me.  I’m obsessed with interior design. My line of work is fashion and doing makeovers on TV, I’ve just written a style guide book and I write columns for different magazines about fashion but honest to God, my biggest passion is interior design. I’ve loved it since

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