Hollywood Regency

Via Wendy Labrum Interiors The Laurel & Wolf headquarters are located in West Hollywood, CA. So we can’t help but have a soft spot in our hearts for the glam design style that bears the name of our home base. So grab your shades, because today we’re exploring the glitz, glamour, and gold of Hollywood Regency. Where did it come from? How can you spot  it? And what are some ways to integrate it into your own home? Read on to find out! Define: Hollywood Regency Style Hollywood Regency style dates back to the 1930’s when Hollywood

Rebecca Raskind knows a thing or two about the importance of personalization. After she and her husband Jared moved into their Los Angeles fixer-upper, the creative couple immediately got to work transforming it to match their quirky glam style. Fast forward a few years, and the home has become a medley of Hollywood Regency and California-boho style, complete with a garage-turned pool house office (designed by yours truly). The happy home was nearly complete, but it was still missing one thing – a tiny addition to the family. Then, nearly

Los Angeles real estate is kind of like a night at a Vegas casino – you either luck out or you end up blowing all your money on a really bad bet. Rebecca and Jared Raskind were all but ready to fold when their agent showed them a Spanish-style home that was definitely a fixer upper. And it’s the best bet they ever made. Rebecca and Jared embraced the home’s flaws as an opportunity. “We were actually happy that it was a fixer-upper because we could personalize the home while maintaining its character and

When your wardrobe consists of over 250 articles of clothing (yes, we counted), even the most meticulously organized closets can feel like a big, beautiful disaster. Sure, identical wooden hangers, a spacious dresser, and stylish jewelry displays work wonders, but purging yourself of items you haven’t worn in ages is often the least glamorous, yet most impactful part of the process. With the help of her Laurel & Wolf Designer Jessica Today, Lexi did just that and created a space as fashionable as she is. “It’s important for me to get creative with the clothes and accessories

Bar carts are one of those home décor accessories you don’t fully recognize the potential of until you have one. Adding a bar cart to your space has the power to de-clutter your counter, make your collection of spirits look stylish rather than sloppy, decorate an empty corner, and provide the perfect serving station for parties. You know you’ve always wanted a built-in home bar, but thanks to bar carts, you don’t even need one. In the world of interior design, bar carts are kind of our secret weapon, so we designed three

Cleaning, cooking, packing, showering: just a few activities that are SO much better when music is involved… but we can think of one more. Say you just moved into a new space and you’re in the midst of the design process; you’re painting walls, mapping out your Laurel & Wolf designed space, deciding whether or not you want to keep that eccentric lamp you’ve had since you were a kid, and *cringe*, assembling a few new IKEA pieces. What we’re trying to say is, a really solid playlist can help the whole

Whether you’re a city apartment dweller or living the white-picket-fence dream, your bedroom should be the main destination of your home. After all, you spend 25 years of your life in bed (yes, seriously!) so it better be comfy and look good too! We’ve got 3 easy ways to pull your space together with a budget of $3-5k. Scroll down for more design inspiration!  Bedroom From $3-5k: Coastal Modern Style Tip #1: Your bedroom is not just your bed. So many people get stuck in the idea that their bedroom should JUST

Ever find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night, unable to get back to sleep? It’s true what they say – a neat, organized, perfectly-you bedroom can seriously aid in getting a good night’s sleep. Quality bedding will definitely help you sleep like a baby and our friends at Crane & Canopy are experts in the field, but they know that the secret to a good night’s sleep also lies in a well-styled nightstand. Nightstands can easily be left forgotten when designing your bedroom, but they have a way of tying the whole look together. To give

Never underestimate the importance of a well designed bedroom. Your bedroom should be your happy place; if you’re living with roommates it may be the only space you have to make uniquely yours, and if you live on your own your bedroom should be your personal retreat. It doesn’t cost a fortune to create a beautiful bedroom interior design! Our tips: Pick a beautiful bed frame. There’s nothing more depressing than a naked mattress. Fill out the negative space. Negative space is essentially empty space, and the best way to fill

We’ve already explored how you can design your living room for under $1,000, and this week we’re upgrading our budget to something between $4,000 – $6,000. At this price point, you can definitely makeover your entire space with some gorgeous furniture! Expect to be able to buy: a couch or sofa an area rug a coffee table at least one side table armchairs or accent chairs 1 or 2 pieces of wall decor We’ve put together 3 different design looks to give you an idea of what you can get with a medium

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