Image via C Home, designed and owned by Richard Shapiro Remember the dream house of the early 2000s? All the coolest celebs were living in faux Mediterranean style mansions with gaudy chandeliers, yellowy beige walls, and shiny, sepia-toned tiles. After a while, Mediterranean design started to lose its allure in favor of cool, minimal palettes. But this is a style with staying power. When executed correctly, it’s sophisticated, comfortable, and just plain stunning. So along with the warm, earthy tones and natural textures currently trending in design, we’re revisiting one

We all know that Easter decorations have the tendency to be borderline tacky. Plastic eggs, creepy bunnies and butter lambs are kitschy, but we prefer to spend our cash on more timeless buys. So we tasked interior designers Jamie Clugston and Ashley Paul with a tough feat: Creating a classy Easter brunch table for under $300. They hopped to it, creating chic spreads with florals galore and pastels done right. Read on to shop both of their looks here. Designed by Jamie Clugston The Styleboard: The Design:  We’re smitten with the bird cage-inspired centerpiece paired with seasonal blooms and

Congratulations! You’ve tackled your first interior design project with ease and are currently reading this from the comfort of your new, redesigned living space. Inch by inch, you’ve turned what was once a drab, disorganized space into one that you can be proud of. As you step outside to get some air it hits you: “Wait… what about the backyard?” Regardless of whether your design style reads Contemporary, Traditional, or Bohemian, your exterior space should serve as an extension of your interior. Read on to find out how you can personalize the outdoor space of your dreams!

Lots of enviable vacation photos have been filling our Instagram and Facebook feeds all summer, but just where are these exotic locales everyone has been traveling to? The beaches are breathtaking, the hotel designs are unbelievable, and the shops, restaurants and cafes are inconceivably chic. Well, we scoured the social media sphere and managed to discover where some of these mystery places are so you can start planning your next summer vaca. Scroll through for a guide on beautiful cities, where to stay, what to eat, and what to do! Tulum,

Cleaning, cooking, packing, showering: just a few activities that are SO much better when music is involved… but we can think of one more. Say you just moved into a new space and you’re in the midst of the design process; you’re painting walls, mapping out your Laurel & Wolf designed space, deciding whether or not you want to keep that eccentric lamp you’ve had since you were a kid, and *cringe*, assembling a few new IKEA pieces. What we’re trying to say is, a really solid playlist can help the whole

The sun is high in the sky and summer is officially in full swing, but have you planned how you’re going to spend the long blissful days ahead?  To make it easy on you, we’ve put together a killer summer bucket list full of awesome design related activities from macrame DIYs to backyard camping! Look no further, we’ve got you covered on all your summer must-do’s! 1. Make a weekly flower arrangement. Tis’ the season of flora and fauna! Why not celebrate by making flowers part of your weekly schedule? Have fun with it- incorporate fruits, flea

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Oh, blissful summer. Everyone’s favorite season is finally here! By now you either have your travel plans booked through August or you’re stewing in jealousy as your friends Instagram their incredible summer getaways. If you’re stuck in the office all summer, quit your complaining and take advantage of the amazing warm weather and turn your home into a destination of its own. We’ve been drooling over the colorful textiles, intricate carvings, arched doorways, and design diversity of Morocco. The epitome of an exotic getaway, we’ve gathered plenty of

First we showed you couches at every price point, and now we’re tackling dining room tables! This is definitely going to be the focal point of your dining room (and if you’re in an open floor plan space, it might be the star of the whole show!) so choose wisely. You can get some really amazing dining room pieces for a decent price point, especially if you know where to shop. We happen to love the classic rectangular style dining table because its perfect for entertaining but can also double as a

Where is it? Beverly Hills, of course. This mansion is America’s newest most expensive home (or should I say, palace!). Real estate mogul Jeff Greene bought the property for $35 million in 2007, invested $25 million into renovations, and is selling it for a whopping $195 million! It’s called “Palazzo di Amore” – Palace of Love. How incredible is this entry? The palace has beautiful marble throughout with mediterranean decor. It took eight years to complete the stunning estate, which features a bowling alley, movie theatre, two wine cellars, wine vineyards, a dance