He doesn’t talk. He bites when he’s mad. And man, can he destroy a sofa. Our latest design client was no walk in the park. But he ended up being one of our all-time favorites. Who is he? Meet Pablo — a Maltese Mix from the mean streets of Los Angeles. What he lacks in breeding, he more than makes up for in swagger. And, while he may look sweet, he’s got serious bark. When he isn’t chatting up maltipoos at the dog park, you’ll find him buried in his books, studying the art of potty-training and postmodern

Photo via One Kings Lane, Vaughn Miller Studio We’ll admit it — we’re suckers for a little romance. Bring on the moonlit walks, candlelit dinners, The Notebook! But when it comes to decorating, it gets tricky. How do you set the stage for romance without going too girly?  What’s the line between boudoir and brothel when it comes to the bedroom? We’re here to show you how to embrace your inner romantic at home without going overboard. 1. A neutral color palette and minimal patterns are key. While red and pink are great for roses, they’re

Photo via Hunter Fans It’s officially the dog days of summer, people! Our makeup is melting, our hair is frizzy and our clothes are more than a little rumpled. And to add insult to injury, the one thing standing between us and sweet, cool relief also happens to be one of the world’s ugliest decor items in the world. Fans! Why must an item of such functional beauty be such a design eye sore?  Who can save us? Well, it turns out more than a few designers are on the case. We

Photo of John Robshaw’s house by Patrick Cline An empty wall. It fills us with equal parts anticipation and dread, especially if we’re on a budget. While we all love a gallery wall, the cost of purchasing and framing that many pieces of art can add up quickly. Thankfully we’ve learned quite a few ways to trick out a big space on a small budget. These are our tips for finding statement art that won’t break the bank. Try Engineering Prints Even at big box retailers, a large scale art print can cost

Photo via Rue Magazine / Design by Alice Lane Home Beaches are so beautiful, so why do beach houses always have to be so…well, lets just say if we never see a Jimmy Buffet poster again it’ll be too soon. With a backyard as spectacular as the ocean, it’s easy to overlook what’s on the inside. But well-chosen decor can enhance your vacay. So we’ve put together our guide to easy-breezy beach house design. Tip #1: Combine bright whites and blues When designing a classic, coastal space, it’s best to let the seaside views do the

Like most Angelenos, Ilya Pozin and his family like to take advantage of the city’s near-perfect weather by doing pretty much everything outdoors. And lucky for them, they had the perfect backyard for it with a pool, half an acre of mature trees, and a full patio made for barbecues, al fresco dinners, and balmy afternoons spent sunbathing and playing with the kids. What they didn’t have? Furniture worthy of their beautiful surroundings. Their sad set of grocery store patio furniture just wasn’t cutting it. Their outdoor space deserved better. Ilya had

There’s no better way to embrace the great outdoors than to sleep there. But you’ve gotta contend with finding a campsite, schlepping your gear, cooking your chow. If you want nature with a side of creature comforts, we’d suggest sticking close to home, like really close to home. For today’s installment of our Summer Bucket List, we put together this guide to glamping in your own backyard! Video: See our glamping set-up come to life! Pitch a tent (or a teepee! Or a yurt!) The more comfortable the structure, the more you’ll use

Our childhood homes are full of memories that will forever be frozen in time, but that doesn’t mean the houses themselves have to stay stuck in the past too. As kids leave home and plant roots in new cities, parents can finally take back what was once theirs. And that is exactly what one Interior Designer enabled her parents to do. Growing up in a small town outside of Houston, Laurel & Wolf Designer, Claire Brody first discovered her love for design through her mother. “She’s definitely a decorator at heart. I remember her always rearranging the furniture and thinking about design. I’m

You heard us correctly. Everyone’s favorite affordable furniture giant is making moves to the museum. But this isn’t just any exhibition. The IKEA Museum, which opened June 30 in Älmhult, Sweden, traces the company’s successful history in home décor with seven decades’ worth of designs on display. The main exhibition gives visitors the inside scoop on the story behind the Swedish furniture powerhouse, as well as an exclusive look at some of its best-selling products through the ages—get ready to see the iconic Klippan sofa in all its retro glory.

Do you like being able to find good quality, good looking furniture at decent prices? You can thank Charles Eames for that. What about having a comfortable place to sit at the airport? Eames pioneered that, too. In honor of the legendary architect and designer’s birthday, we’re taking a look at how his vision to “bring the most of the best to the greatest number of people for the least,” enhanced the way we live. 1. He invented a molding machine that made mass-production possible. Hello affordable furniture! Before the

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