Welcoming a baby into the world is one of the most magical moments a family will experience. After nine long months of planning for your baby’s arrival, you want that moment to be as stress-free and beautiful as possible. Whether you are tired of the traditional, “blue for boy and pink for girl” standard, or you are anxiously awaiting the big reveal, there are endless imaginative ways to break this color rule. Parents: Prepare to be inspired. From tranquil textures to playful motifs, here’s our tips to designing a gender-neutral nursery for

School is officially in session, and a home library is the perfect place for studying, relaxing and displaying all of those shiny, new textbooks. A well-styled library, whether big or small, is one of those defining design factors that evokes major room envy. And let’s face it – there’s nothing better than getting lost in a great read while curled up in a cozy corner. So, without further ado, we present some of our favorite library inspiration: 1. Neutral Elegance A library is a place of serenity and comfort, so keeping a neutral color palette will help make

Congratulations! You’ve tackled your first interior design project with ease and are currently reading this from the comfort of your new, redesigned living space. Inch by inch, you’ve turned what was once a drab, disorganized space into one that you can be proud of. As you step outside to get some air it hits you: “Wait… what about the backyard?” Regardless of whether your design style reads Contemporary, Traditional, or Bohemian, your exterior space should serve as an extension of your interior. Read on to find out how you can personalize the outdoor space of your dreams!

Ever find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night, unable to get back to sleep? It’s true what they say – a neat, organized, perfectly-you bedroom can seriously aid in getting a good night’s sleep. Quality bedding will definitely help you sleep like a baby and our friends at Crane & Canopy are experts in the field, but they know that the secret to a good night’s sleep also lies in a well-styled nightstand. Nightstands can easily be left forgotten when designing your bedroom, but they have a way of tying the whole look together. To give

Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s a name most people are certain to know and probably even have a story about visiting one of his famous designs, like Fallingwater, Taliesin, or the Guggenheim Museum in NYC. A true purveyor of Modernism, he is celebrated for his unparalleled ability to synthesize every aspect of design, which has culminated in a profusion of architectural feats that truly are all encompassing works of art. Frank’s principle of design was to focus on the complete integration of the house, which might be why we love him so much.  He was all about making the

You’re ready to design your living room with Laurel & Wolf! Woohoo! You take your free style quiz, you fill out your design brief, and you get to a little box that says, ‘What’s your budget for this room?’…. Uh oh. NO. CLUE. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most people aren’t sure exactly where to set their budget when they begin to design their homes. We’re starting a new series to help you get clear on your budget for your space! A typical, complete living room makeover usually ends up

Ever wonder what makes a traditional or transitional design? We’ve got a few tricks that will help you detect the differences between the two. TRADITIONAL – Traditional design has its roots in 18th century England and French countryside. The style is known for its warm, inviting interiors that scream comfort. Bronze accents, a rich chandelier and luxe drapes are common in traditional interiors. Wall sconces with ivory shades and detailed millwork create for a warm environment in the bathroom. Traditional color schemes typically include neutral tones with warm, rich woods. Office’s

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