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How would you like to wake up every day feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to go to work? Studies show that a well-designed office has a direct positive impact on the health and productivity of employees. To put it plainly, stylish design equals happy workers, and BLND PR has definitely not missed the memo. The boutique public relations firm based out of Hermosa Beach, CA, has mastered the art of working hard and playing hard. Their new office is a clear representation of this motto, filled with blush pink accents,

There’s no better way to embrace the great outdoors than to sleep there. But you’ve gotta contend with finding a campsite, schlepping your gear, cooking your chow. If you want nature with a side of creature comforts, we’d suggest sticking close to home, like really close to home. For today’s installment of our Summer Bucket List, we put together this guide to glamping in your own backyard! Video: See our glamping set-up come to life! Pitch a tent (or a teepee! Or a yurt!) The more comfortable the structure, the more you’ll use

Desi Perkins is not your average makeup artist. With over 1.7 million YouTube subscribers, she has made an incredible career out of performing in-depth makeup tutorials that cover everything from attaining the perfect smokey eye to contouring your face to resemble a Kardashian. With playful humor and a down-to-earth attitude, Desi gives viewers much more than an impressive range of knowledge on beauty techniques and products—her videos provide a peek into her life and make you feel like part of her glamorous world. Get a virtual tour and hear what

Wrapping up our Art Weekend LA Series is Doni Silver Simons, who practices from a Santa Monica studio and recently exhibited her work in LA’s Startup Art Fair. Recognizing its undeniable crossover with interior design, we believe that art has the ability to alter the way a space is perceived, and similarly, interior design has the ability to influence the way in which art is viewed. Enter Doni’s studio and discover how her space influences her practice and conversely, how art impacts where she works and lives. As soon as

With Art Weekend LA in full swing, we’re continuing our LA Artist Series by exploring the Santa Monica studio of contemporary artist, Melinda Smith Altshuler and discussing how space and interiors influence her practice. Make sure to check out the industrial loft-meets-studio where artist Matt Lipps creates his work and then read on for a view of the studio and insight into the creative process of our second LA artist, Melinda Smith Altshuler.  Phosphorescent cloud-like forms sway gently from the ceiling in the studio of artist Melinda Smith Altshuler. A plaque on the door reads, “The Cloud

Over the next few days, Los Angeles’ burgeoning art scene will be celebrated with Art Weekend LA — a biannual exploration of art fairs, galleries, and museums across the city. With Los Angeles being Laurel & Wolf’s hometown, we are constantly interacting with our neighboring creative communities and we’re excited to see how the city manifests itself in this year’s work.  Recognizing its undeniable crossover with interior design, we believe that art has the ability to alter the way a space is perceived, and similarly, interior design has the ability to influence the way in which art is

“You can literally find inspiration anywhere,” says BRIDES Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Keija Minor as she lounges on her cottage-style sofa in the living room of her new Hamptons home. If you haven’t heard of Keija yet, the first thing to know is that her inspirations not only fuel her personal life and style, but her career as well. In her impressive role at BRIDES, Keija’s day-to-day is filled with exquisite items, innovative ideas, and stylish moments, all of which she uses to inspire a more beautiful and curated life within her readers. Between her

Christina Applegate stands in her pristine, newly finished kitchen looking as lovely and comfortable at home as she does on the big screen. Her hand gently rests on the smooth, white finish of her new Caesarstone countertops as she cheerfully chats about everything from the simplicity of designing her space with Laurel & Wolf, to the joys of motherhood, and playing the vivacious Veronica Corningstone in the cult-comedy, Anchorman. You would never know that a flood had recently ravaged her house, destroying all of the floors. Christina has felt at home in

Nothing beats seeing the excitement spread across our clients’ faces as their newly-designed spaces are revealed to them. Laurel & Wolf is fortunate to report that 2015 has been full of these moments. Over the course of this year, we’ve designed remarkable spaces for unbelievable clients, moved our headquarters into an incredible new office in the Los Angeles design district, and turned countless houses into homes through the power of good design. As we reflect on an amazing year and welcome yet another, we’d like to pay homage to our

We all know someone who has put our needs before their own. For many of us that person is our parent, who was always there to lift us up or make us feel better when we were ill, or a friend who showed us how to laugh again when we were at our lowest. At Laurel & Wolf, we thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could give back to someone who has been generous with us in a big way? The holidays present the perfect chance to acknowledge the

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