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Photo via John Varvatos Man cave. The very words strike fear into the design conscious among us, conjuring up visions of bulky pleather recliners with cup holders, the scent of stale beer, walls lined in garish sports memorabilia. But there’s a whole other class of man caves out there, ones with James Bond tech swagger, sumptuous seating and serious style. Settle in with some single malt and artisanal jerky, these are our picks for the world’s sickest man caves. Rugged Yet Refined A good man cave needs to start with comfy

Image via Article There’s no denying that we love our couches, but how well do we really know them? We know what kinds of sofas we love to curl up on. We know that some are better for conversation than others.  And that long, deep sleeper makes an ideal bed for visiting guests. But with so many shapes and styles out there, how do you pick the perfect one to serve your needs, complement your space and provide a cushion for your inner couch potato? From loveseats to sectionals, this guide to

You don’t have to be a literary master to understand that there’s comfort in surrounding yourself with books. But before you try to emulate the reading rainbows of Pinterest, it’s important to figure out what your bookcase style is. Is your bookcase brimming with books? Or are you partial to a sparser styling job? Or maybe you want to highlight your collection of art and decorative items? No matter your preference, get ready to strike your best shelfie, because these bookcase styling tricks will put your local library to shame.

Beds are the hardest working piece of furniture in the house. They’re where we begin and end our days, where we find comfort after a hard one, and where we hole up when we’re sick or tired. Our beds give us a lot of love, so it’s only fair that we return the favor by making them every morning. We turned to the bedding experts at Parachute to show us how it’s done. Watch our video and read on for tips on making your bed a stylish spot to get the perfect

It’s every city dweller’s dream, to have a little piece of the outdoors on their property. Though a lush backyard may be somewhat rare in the city, a small patio or balcony can become a breezy outdoor retreat — even on a budget. We had basic chairs and a table, but we needed some flair. So we asked our designers to channel the spirit of summer by styling an apartment balcony for less than $400. From vibrant and feminine to laidback and cool, see how they turned a tiny outdoor

Let’s face it — no one’s dream room is a dorm. But sharing cramped living quarters with a pair of twin beds and a roommate you barely know is as essential a college experience as pulling an all-nighter. Despite the unglamorous nature of a dorm, there are simple ways to enhance its style and functionality on a student-friendly budget. Make your on-campus digs the envy of your whole floor by following these helpful tips. And when your space is complete, we guarantee that if “Dorm Room Decor 101” were a college course, you’d ace

Photo via Hunter Fans It’s officially the dog days of summer, people! Our makeup is melting, our hair is frizzy and our clothes are more than a little rumpled. And to add insult to injury, the one thing standing between us and sweet, cool relief also happens to be one of the world’s ugliest decor items in the world. Fans! Why must an item of such functional beauty be such a design eye sore?  Who can save us? Well, it turns out more than a few designers are on the case. We

Photo of John Robshaw’s house by Patrick Cline An empty wall. It fills us with equal parts anticipation and dread, especially if we’re on a budget. While we all love a gallery wall, the cost of purchasing and framing that many pieces of art can add up quickly. Thankfully we’ve learned quite a few ways to trick out a big space on a small budget. These are our tips for finding statement art that won’t break the bank. Try Engineering Prints Even at big box retailers, a large scale art print can cost

Photo courtesy of Sotheby’s, featuring Elizabeth Pisano. You don’t have to be a gallerist to know that walls look better with art on them. But many people find the art world intimidating, auctions daunting, and works of art way, way, wayyyyyy too expensive. But that doesn’t have to be the case. We talked to Sotheby’s American Paintings Specialist Elizabeth Pisano for her insider tips. On the eve of their online auctions, she gave us the lowdown on art collecting, how auctions work and advice for finding pieces you love, even if you’ve

One of the great wonders of NYC is that you can get pretty much anything you want at pretty much any hour: Need a vintage 1930s ballgown at 2 am? Easy! An Ethiopian feast delivered to your door? Sure! But the one thing that can be hard to come by is an outdoor space to call your own. So the folks at the W Hotel asked us to help them change that. We teamed up to transform the Extreme Wow Suite at New York’s W Hotel into an urban glamping adventure. Now through

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