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Nothing beats seeing the excitement spread across our clients’ faces as their newly-designed spaces are revealed to them. Laurel & Wolf is fortunate to report that 2015 has been full of these moments. Over the course of this year, we’ve designed remarkable spaces for unbelievable clients, moved our headquarters into an incredible new office in the Los Angeles design district, and turned countless houses into homes through the power of good design. As we reflect on an amazing year and welcome yet another, we’d like to pay homage to our

We all know someone who has put our needs before their own. For many of us that person is our parent, who was always there to lift us up or make us feel better when we were ill, or a friend who showed us how to laugh again when we were at our lowest. At Laurel & Wolf, we thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could give back to someone who has been generous with us in a big way? The holidays present the perfect chance to acknowledge the

Rachel Hollis, founder and editor of popular lifestyle website, The Chic, is not afraid to speak the truth. As a mother to three boys, an author, and an ex-celebrity event planner, she has a wide range of experience both in the entrepreneurial world and in the realm of womanhood. Described as her “digital front porch,” Rachel founded The Chic with the goal of creating honest content that resonates with women and encourages them to live a creative and ultimately, ‘chic’ life. A few months after moving into the new Chic HQ’s, Rachel

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