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Can’t make it through a Monday without a triple Venti coldbrew? Then it might be time to change up your office design. Studies show that happy spaces lead to happy employees, who in turn, are more productive AND inspired. Coworking space Industrious got the memo and enlisted Laurel & Wolf to transform their downtown LA offices. “We believe that people should be excited and proud to come to the place they work, and that that surge of good feelings will translate into their daily work,” Industrious National Launcher Leah Alexander

We feel so lucky to have been invited into the homes of some truly special people this year.  So as it draws to a close, we’re looking back on all of the amazing clients and spaces that made 2016 magical. From a country music star’s southern glamour den to a food blogger’s quirky bakeshop to a magazine editor’s new office, these are the makeovers that made our year! A Glam Office for Cosmo’s Editor-in-Chief Michele Promaulayko, the recently appointed editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine has style for days. We helped her bring the boldly

Becoming the editor-in-chief of a magazine known as “the bible for fun, fearless females” is a major undertaking, especially when said bible has over 17 million monthly readers. But the witty Michele Promaulayko, the recently appointed editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan (and the new editorial director of Seventeen), knows the recipe for success. “Cosmo women possess the ability to surprise and think outside the box,” Michele says. And for a magazine that’s been around since 1886, those are two very important skills to have. Over the years, Cosmo has stayed relevant by consistently reinventing

From boutique airlines to boutique hotels, to well, boutique-boutiques, there’s something about shopping small that burns a hole in our pockets and brings joy to our hearts. And while infinite options exist online, there’s no denying the personal experience that local, brick and mortar stores provide. Our favorite newcomer? Adelante. Redesigned after ten years in business by Laurel & Wolf’s own Claire Zinnecker, this boutique is girly girl done Austin-style. Decked out in soft, blush tones, marble print wallpaper, and rattan accents, the design reflects the edgy-feminine look of the clothes. So,

Anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid knows that standing by your best friend’s side usually comes with a hefty price tag. According to researchers, the average bridesmaid can expect to spend $1,695 between the bachelorette party, bridal shower, gifts, travel, and the often not-so-stylish dress. And if you have to throw down a cool couple hundred on a gown, you better hope that it’s something you could see yourself wearing on more than one occasion. This is where innovative dress rental service, Vow To Be Chic, comes to the rescue. Aside from being the online destination for bridesmaid dress rentals, the

Carly Kuhn grew up in an artistic family, but she never set out to become an artist. “That was always my brother’s world. Growing up, he could create these perfect photograph-like pieces.” But in moments of downtime during her gig as a TV producer at shows like Chelsea Lately, she started to doodle. Those doodles turned into an Instagram account, which caught the eye of Sarah Jessica Parker and Rachel Zoe, and led to work with brands from Dior to Prada and Capitol Records. “I suddenly realized that I don’t

How would you like to wake up every day feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to go to work? Studies show that a well-designed office has a direct positive impact on the health and productivity of employees. To put it plainly, stylish design equals happy workers, and BLND PR has definitely not missed the memo. The boutique public relations firm based out of Hermosa Beach, CA, has mastered the art of working hard and playing hard. Their new office by Laurel & Wolf Luca Pepitone is a clear representation of this motto, filled

One of the great wonders of NYC is that you can get pretty much anything you want at pretty much any hour: Need a vintage 1930s ballgown at 2 am? Easy! An Ethiopian feast delivered to your door? Sure! But the one thing that can be hard to come by is an outdoor space to call your own. So the folks at the W Hotel asked us to help them change that. We teamed up to transform the Extreme Wow Suite at New York’s W Hotel into an urban glamping adventure. Now through

Rachel Zoe, designer, stylist, reality TV star, writer, businesswoman, and all around fashion monarch is somewhat of an enigma. Her extensive repertoire is one of the most far-reaching in the fashion industry and after nearly two decades in the business, her incredible influence continues to grow. While plenty of hard work, a skillful eye for style, and a long inventory of A-list clients definitely contributes to her renowned status, her success largely seems due to her uncanny ability to know how to be in exactly the right place at exactly

When it comes to designing something as functional as a hotel restroom, Laurel & Wolf Designer, Lucinda Pace knows how to turn up the style to deliver a space that’s truly chic. However, transforming the men’s restroom of the Venice Beach staple, Hotel Erwin into a place where hotel patrons actually want to be was no small feat. With Lucinda’s eye for contemporary design and a desire to capture the essence of the beach, she successfully created a space that reflects the hip look and feel of the rest of the hotel, while adding in a strong dose

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