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Rachel Hollis, founder and editor of popular lifestyle website, The Chic, is not afraid to speak the truth. As a mother to three boys, an author, and an ex-celebrity event planner, she has a wide range of experience both in the entrepreneurial world and in the realm of womanhood. Described as her “digital front porch,” Rachel founded The Chic with the goal of creating honest content that resonates with women and encourages them to live a creative and ultimately, ‘chic’ life. A few months after moving into the new Chic HQ’s, Rachel

As part of our momentous ‘relaunching’ day today, we thought that it might be a good time to open up our doors and give you all a sneak peek at our new Laurel & Wolf office! Over the past year, we have had the incredibly good fortune of growing at a phenomenal pace, and sometime around January of this year, we took a look around and realized that we either needed to start investing in bunk beds, or start looking for a new work space. Fast-forward 6 months and dozens

One of the coolest e-commerce style sites just got even more stylish. We recently had the pleasure of giving the DailyLook offices a makeover to match their fashionable service. If you haven’t heard of DailyLook yet, get ready for your mind to be blown and your outfit game to majorly improve. This site is basically a personal stylist in a box; every month you receive a complete ‘look’ to your door that includes 7-11 products. Once the month is up, you can either choose to buy items or send them back. It’s perfect

We love our startup community here in LA, and whenever we get the chance to work with a company we admire we get pretty excited. Enter our friends at onefinestay. Their new Los Angeles offices, located in the hip Hayden Tract in Culver City, needed an interior design makeover to transform their space from a huge open warehouse to a cool, startup office. Laurel & Wolf designer Marissa Cramer created an amazing contemporary interior design that perfectly suits this awesome company. Marissa explained to us how she came up with her interior

We all need a makeover now and then. Which brings us to GlamSquad, a fabulous salon in Los Angeles. Check out how Laurel and Wolf designer Lucinda Pace transformed their new space! BEFORE: Laurel & Wolf: You completely transformed this space – it looks like a different salon! You basically started from scratch with this location, was that a challenge? Lucinda Pace: The budget for GlamSquad was a total of $5k for both spaces. Luckily GlamSquad already had the salon chairs, but it was still a challenge to completely outfit the salon for under $5k! AFTER L

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