After five years on the hit ABC show Scandal, actress Katie Lowes is saying goodbye to her role as Quinn Perkins and prepping for her biggest one yet. She’s been doing her research, changing her wardrobe and bonding with costar Adam Shapiro. Their new gig? Parents. Ahead of the baby’s arrival, Katie and Adam decided to bid farewell to their funky Hollywood Hills bungalow in favor of a more family friendly home. But the change wasn’t easy. “The night before we moved in, I was crying. There’s something about when

For many, working from home is a constant battle between household distractions and actually getting work done. But for Ashley Villa, an attorney-turned-entrepreneur, home is where projects see completion. After leaving her in-house legal job in 2015, Ashley launched her own talent management company, Rare Global, which offers digital media contracts, strategic relationships, and brand management to high-profile YouTube stars. Her most recent endeavor? Designing a new domain to function as both her company’s office and her personal living space. “I currently run my talent management agency from home, and

Los Angeles native, Genevieve Wong is no stranger to the spotlight. As a four-time Emmy-nominated producer, New York Post journalist, and part-time actress, she has done everything from interview serial killers in Alaska to manage the news desk at Access Hollywood. And with a schedule that consists of countless hours on set, it’s no surprise that creating a comfortable place to come home to took a back seat. After purchasing a fixer-upper set against the Hollywood hillside, she knew that she had her work cut out for her if she

Let’s face it — most influencers aren’t that relatable. According to their Instagram accounts, their lives consist of lavish vacations, a photographer on-call 24-hours a day and an endless supply of expensive outfits. Their lifestyles often seem unattainable and unrealistic. But that’s not the case with YouTube content creator, Sarah Belle. Though she’s incessantly on-trend and her makeup is always flawless, the twenty-four-year old speaks to her audience with wit and sincerity. “As you can probably tell, I’m sitting in a very aggressive peacock chair,” she says in the intro for

Image via C Home Congratulations are in order! All of your hard work and long hours have paid off and you’ve finally reached the ultimate level of adulthood: buying a home. While you’re probably inclined to take any gem on the market that your heart (and wallet) so desires, making an important decision based on emotions and eagerness is, well, not an approach we recommend. So, from budgeting to understanding your new financial responsibility, a couple homeowners from Laurel & Wolf are sharing what every prospective homeowner should know before purchasing a

By now, it should come as no surprise that the state of our minds is directly related to the state of our spaces. Feeling scattered and stressed out? Well, your home is probably right there with you! Feeling like you’re on top of the world? Chances are your home is in tip-top shape too (nice job!). And if anyone knows this principle be true, it’s art therapist and yoga instructor Jessie De Lowe of the popular lifestyle blog, How You Glow. Jessie recently enlisted the expertise of Laurel & Wolf interior designer Ryen Conley to turn a blank

Sometimes all it takes is a little imagination (and A LOT of elbow grease) to transform an eyesore into a treasure. Just ask Laurel & Wolf’s own VP of Design Marketplace, Aisling Mittman, who used her design cred to see the potential in an untouched, midcentury-meets-traditional ranch house on a quiet Los Angeles street. In a real estate market as competitive as L.A.’s, finding the beauty in a beastly house can pay off big time. When you see these Before and After photos, you’ll know exactly what we mean! Before:  After: Before:  After:  With just about every room

For many Angelenos, living close to the beach also means micro-sized apartments, traffic jams, and endless searches for parking. So as we get older, the thought of moving to the suburbs starts to sound pretty good. And that’s exactly what Hayley Antonian experienced when she decided to pack her family’s bags and head over the hill to greener pastures. “Moving to the San Fernando Valley was a big decision, but allowed for more space. The house was a one-story ranch on an acre of property — rare for L.A. The land reminded me of

News flash: Good design does not discriminate! Whether you want to pour your hard-earned cash into a posh pad, or find yourself on the fashionable, yet frugal end of the spectrum, jaw-dropping design is always within reach. And when it comes to one of the most highly trafficked rooms in your home, the living room, it’s especially important that your design dazzles, no matter your finances. To prove that a room can pack a punch at different price points, we tasked one of our very own Laurel & Wolf designers, Ryen Conley, with styling the same living

Major life events generally mean stress for most of us. But Emily Brownell knows how to celebrate them in style. As an event planner, she spent years turning weddings, anniversaries and more into unforgettable celebrations. Now as an interior designer, Brownell is using that same sense of style to help expectant mothers and fathers transition into parenthood. “I started in nursery design and along with offices, it’s still my favorite space. I find people are willing to let go of their hang-ups, like staying neutral and only being modern. It’s a space you can really have fun with!

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