When Ashley Gensler founded custom home furnishings brand Loom Decor, it was her one and only baby. “I decided to open Loom to make the gorgeous fabrics & custom textiles typically only available through high-end showrooms, accessible to the everyday homeowner and the designers that serve them,” Ashley says. With an MBA and a passion for interiors, she launched the company in Brooklyn, NY. The five year old company has been thriving, but it’s not Ashley’s only child anymore. Now son Teddy and daughter Harriet have joined the family. “A different side of me

When Dave Arthurs and his husband Brennan first laid eyes on the condos at Canyon View Estates, they envisioned themselves spending long, leisurely afternoons, reclining on a sun-splashed patio, sipping cool drinks and admiring the desert mountains just beyond. It was a paradisiacal image that most only have the chance to dream about. But for Dave and Brennan, it soon became their reality. “What attracted us to Palm Springs was the weather, the scenery, and the mid-century modern vibe,” says Brennan. “Originally, this was just intended to be a vacation house, but we’re

Image via C Home You know the feeling when that first 75 °F day in spring hits, and you just want to be outside? Yeah, we’re familiar as well. But since the great outdoors seem to make most humans so happy, why not bring nature’s bliss inside, too? Well, some spaces have it figured out. These homes take their designs into the wild with luscious gardens growing against their walls or paradisiacal accents that recreate the vibes of a white sand beach. So get in touch with nature through rooms

There’s no doubt that having a clean and complete space plays a major role in productivity and peace of mind. For entrepreneur and lifestyle blogger, Brooke Burnett of One Small Blonde, having a place that looks and feels perfectly put together is the key to getting her creative juices flowing and keeping her sane. “As a fashion blogger, clothes tend to get thrown all over the place. Now that my bedroom is complete, it’s helped me become more organized with my clothes and blog posts,” says Brooke. And while putting together outfits comes as second nature to

“Someone cool must live here.” That’s basically what we think any time we come across an image of a really brilliant contemporary eclectic home. Cohesive yet collected, trendy yet timeless, this aesthetic blends past traditions, cultural motifs, and high-design furnishings to create a space that’s totally unique. Not sure what we mean? Read on for a collection of our favorite contemporary eclectic rooms. These bright, open living spaces have the contemporary architecture and furniture style down. But the layered look is what makes them visually interesting. The art is well-varied, the vintage

As an interior designer, it’s not every day that you’re asked to create a space for one of the world’s most recognizable personalities. So when Laurel & Wolf designer James Tabb was contacted by the Easter Bunny’s eggcellent team, he hopped at the opportunity to makeover the head hare’s study. After all, this was not just some bunny. Although the Easter Bunny is notorious for having fluffy tastes, James didn’t bother pulling his hare out over the design and jumped right down the rabbit hole to get to work. He carefully considered each

He has impeccable style, a winning, pearly white grin and a serious Instagram following. There’s no denying that Geordi La Corgi — athlete, model, food enthusiast, and full-time cutie — is quite a catch. In honor of National Pet Day, our resident dog whisperer (and interior designer), James Tabb, created the perfect pad for this lovable fur ball. And boy, we knew Geordi had style, but this modern mixture of decor is made for the princely pup. We caught up with Geordi to get his take on his new dog

Rebecca Raskind knows a thing or two about the importance of personalization. After she and her husband Jared moved into their Los Angeles fixer-upper, the creative couple immediately got to work transforming it to match their quirky glam style. Fast forward a few years, and the home has become a medley of Hollywood Regency and California-boho style, complete with a garage-turned pool house office (designed by yours truly). The happy home was nearly complete, but it was still missing one thing – a tiny addition to the family. Then, nearly

Michelle, co-creator of fashion and lifestyle blog 52 Thursdays, is accustomed to adventure. As a kid, she lived everywhere from Germany to Hawaii, later settling with her family outside of Washington, D.C. Now a resident of Los Angeles, the social media influencer is approaching her biggest adventure yet – motherhood. “My husband and I moved to LA just a little over two years ago. A work promotion and warmer weather brought us to the West Coast, plus I get antsy staying put in one area for too long!” Michelle says.

Interior Designer Gwendolyn Gibbish hit the LA real estate jackpot when she discovered her quaint, yet character-filled home nestled in the hills of Glendale. “We were desperately searching for a home to purchase before our first son was born, which in the LA market is a tough thing to do on a time crunch! We’ve always loved this low-key, quiet family neighborhood and found this perfect Cape Cod-style house that wasn’t a flip,” says Gwendolyn. So with an offer letter and a handwritten note to the previous owners, Gwendolyn and her husband sealed the deal, welcoming both a

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