Moving into a new place can be a transformative experience, but figuring out how to make multiple empty rooms feel like home is often more daunting than it is exciting. And if you’re graduating from renting to buying, the idea of making long-term design decisions can feel especially overwhelming. How do you get the soul of an old home without a degree in DIY? Enter Lennar. The nation’s largest home builder recently transformed 750 acres of the historic San Francisco Shipyard into 12,000 brand new homes, one of the biggest urban transformations in SF history. Located between Bayview Hunters Point and Candlestick Park, this

Carly Kuhn grew up in an artistic family, but she never set out to become an artist. “That was always my brother’s world. Growing up, he could create these perfect photograph-like pieces.” But in moments of downtime during her gig as a TV producer at shows like Chelsea Lately, she started to doodle. Those doodles turned into an Instagram account, which caught the eye of Sarah Jessica Parker and Rachel Zoe, and led to work with brands from Dior to Prada and Capitol Records. “I suddenly realized that I don’t

No one ever said that being a parent is easy, but Bethann Wagner sure makes it look that way. As her five-year-old daughter Harlowe dances around the brand new bedroom she shares with baby brother Gunnar, Bethann gestures around the space. “Gunnar is probably going to walk because of this furniture,” she says, pointing towards a mirrored side table and dresser. “He stands up, looks at himself and gets all excited, then tries to take a step towards me.” As a YouTube Beauty Strategist who also runs her own fashion and

Valeria Girimonte and Alexis Bernard had to put their worldly travels on hold when their two children were born. But the international couple–she hails from Argentina, he from Belgium–still wanted to maintain a sense of adventure. They found it in Tahoe. Captivated by its crystal-clear lakes, towering evergreens, and glittering, snow-capped peaks, the pair purchased a rustic cabin in Tahoe Donner. “We wanted somewhere with a lot of opportunities to do sports,” says Valeria. From downhill and cross-country skiing to mountain biking and horseback riding, the Tahoe Donner area offers a

He doesn’t talk. He bites when he’s mad. And man, can he destroy a sofa. Our latest design client was no walk in the park. But he ended up being one of our all-time favorites. Who is he? Meet Pablo — a Maltese Mix from the mean streets of Los Angeles. What he lacks in breeding, he more than makes up for in swagger. And, while he may look sweet, he’s got serious bark. When he isn’t chatting up maltipoos at the dog park, you’ll find him buried in his books, studying the art of potty-training and postmodern

When you spend your days changing the face of new media and your nights at home raising an energetic two-year-old, decorating your space probably falls last on your to-do list. So, when Digital Media Exec Sarah Penna’s realtor showed her an off-the-market, modern stunner in Mar Vista, CA, she decided to leave the design work to the professionals. “I was driving myself crazy on Pinterest. I could probably do a hilarious [Youtube] series about things I saw on Pinterest, tried to do, and absolutely failed,” says Sarah. The Before: The After: And she knows a thing or two

Like most Angelenos, Ilya Pozin and his family like to take advantage of the city’s near-perfect weather by doing pretty much everything outdoors. And lucky for them, they had the perfect backyard for it with a pool, half an acre of mature trees, and a full patio made for barbecues, al fresco dinners, and balmy afternoons spent sunbathing and playing with the kids. What they didn’t have? Furniture worthy of their beautiful surroundings. Their sad set of grocery store patio furniture just wasn’t cutting it. Their outdoor space deserved better. Ilya had

Our childhood homes are full of memories that will forever be frozen in time, but that doesn’t mean the houses themselves have to stay stuck in the past too. As kids leave home and plant roots in new cities, parents can finally take back what was once theirs. And that is exactly what one Interior Designer enabled her parents to do. Growing up in a small town outside of Houston, Laurel & Wolf Designer, Claire Brody first discovered her love for design through her mother. “She’s definitely a decorator at heart. I remember her always rearranging the furniture and thinking about design. I’m

The first thing you see when you enter Kassidy Gerber’s home in Redmond, Washington, are a set of Danish teak chairs encircling an elegant marble table. Once a space Kassidy and her family rarely used, the dining room is now the heart of the house, where nightly conversations take place over dinner. After redesigning their living, dining, and bonus rooms, Kassidy and her family discovered a new appreciation for the place they call home. “I love the furniture in our living room so I won’t let anyone eat in there

Sleeping isn’t something that Meg Resnikoff does much of. Nearly any mom of three young children can sympathize, particularly one with a career like Meg’s. After graduating from Standford University, she went to work for large corporations in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, until she was struck by an “aha” moment that changed the course of her professional life. “After having my second child and being out of the corporate world for a number of years, I really wanted to do something I was passionate about. And there’s nothing I’m more

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