When your wardrobe consists of over 250 articles of clothing (yes, we counted), even the most meticulously organized closets can feel like a big, beautiful disaster. Sure, identical wooden hangers, a spacious dresser, and stylish jewelry displays work wonders, but purging yourself of items you haven’t worn in ages is often the least glamorous, yet most impactful part of the process. With the help of her Laurel & Wolf Designer Jessica Today, Lexi did just that and created a space as fashionable as she is. “It’s important for me to get creative with the clothes and accessories

We all know someone who has put our needs before their own. For many of us that person is our parent, who was always there to lift us up or make us feel better when we were ill, or a friend who showed us how to laugh again when we were at our lowest. At Laurel & Wolf, we thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could give back to someone who has been generous with us in a big way? The holidays present the perfect chance to acknowledge the

The old adage, it’s better to give than receive, feels more and more true each year. At Laurel & Wolf, we were overjoyed to give the gift of great interior design to a stranger — with a sweet, charitable twist. The Gift: A Laurel & Wolf Classic Design Package and $10,000.00 in furniture from ATG Stores. The Twist: Our winner was asked to give her prize to someone deserving of the gift. Any doubts that we would be able to spread the holiday spirit with our Better to GiveAway were

Like any hopeful mother-to-be, when Michelle found out that she would be welcoming her first child into the world, she practically burst with joy. However, while those nine months of baby preparation seem like eons on paper, time flew by and before she knew it, Michelle was in her third trimester and had no plans for a space to bring her little one home to. Luckily, she discovered Laurel & Wolf and was able to design a safe and stylish nursery just in time for her baby boy, Jonah’s arrival. After

This post originally appeared on Refinery29. I moved in with my boyfriend a little over a year ago. Our new home is a gorgeous, 1939 Art Deco-style building in the heart of West Hollywood; it’s twice as lovely and almost twice as big as our last apartment. Our furniture is a merry jumble of whatever we brought with us in our cross-country move and whatever we could scrap together before we started our new jobs — and our new life — in L.A. As we were dreaming up ways to

As Vice President of New Markets for onefinestay, a successful start-up that provides full-service rentals for vacationers at distinctive and gorgeous homes, Alexandra Rethore has a pretty long to-do list. But somewhere between locating gorgeous properties around the world and driving new market expansion, Alex found time to design her own space. After Laurel & Wolf revamped the onefinestay offices, Alex was ready to let a Laurel & Wolf designer take the reigns and redo her living room. She selected Dustin Webb to design a space inspired by her “eclectic yet purposeful, polished, and cozy style.” When I come home,

There comes a time in the lives of many when cohabitation with a significant other seems like the next step in the game of life. While it all sounds like the ultimate good time in the beginning (living with your best friend and lover, woo!), there are many challenges couples face when they make this big leap. [Think you’re ready to move in with your boo? Make sure you read this first!] When Jen moved into her boyfriend’s 3-bedroom Santa Monica condo with a dog and fish in tow, they inevitably agreed

Nurseries make us squeal here at Laurel & Wolf. We love everything about them: the plush textiles, the soft colors, the adorable baby animal photos that hang on the walls. We’ve seen hundreds of nursery design projects get Laurel & Wolf’ed and we love how unique and interesting each and every one is thanks to our incredible Laurel & Wolf designers. We especially love when our clients are excited to work with their designers by integrating furniture they already own, pieces that hold sentimental value, and DIY projects into their Laurel

This particular design project was an especially exciting one for us at Laurel & Wolf for a number of reasons. Chiefly, because it features the space of our very own Co-Founder and CMO, Brandon Kleinman! Located in L.A.’s Fairfax district, Brandon lives with his adorable pitbull Clyde, within walking distance of a plethora of Los Angeles hot spots. Brandon lucked out with the prime location and historically fascinating apartment, but his bachelor pad needed a major design overhaul.  Interior designer Jamie Nash stepped in and helped him transform his living and dining

A few months ago we met Bethany Struble, a beautiful and talented blogger, photographer, singer, and mommy! When we saw her 5-year-old daughter Kylie, we immediately knew we wanted to have a Laurel & Wolf designer makeover her room! BEFORE Bethany launched Kylie’s bedroom design contest and invited her followers to vote on the submitted designs. You can see them all here on her blog. WINNING STYLE BOARD The winning designer was Heidi Caillier, an experienced designer whose philosophy is “to create spaces that feel lived in and comfortable but that look great

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