For many Angelenos, living close to the beach also means micro-sized apartments, traffic jams, and endless searches for parking. So as we get older, the thought of moving to the suburbs starts to sound pretty good. And that’s exactly what Hayley Antonian experienced when she decided to pack her family’s bags and head over the hill to greener pastures. “Moving to the San Fernando Valley was a big decision, but allowed for more space. The house was a one-story ranch on an acre of property — rare for L.A. The land reminded me of

When you think of Dollar Shave Club Founder Michael Dubin, you’re likely to think of the cheeky videos that propelled the start-up into a $1 billion tech juggernaut. But what about interior design? Turns out Michael is a true renaissance man, whose interests stretch far beyond razors into the world of paint colors and area rugs. The successful CEO, funny man, and Pennsylvania native recently purchased a house in Venice, CA, with the intention of overhauling it. “This is my first home. It has been a great blank canvas to reinvent,” Michael says.   And if

News flash: Good design does not discriminate! Whether you want to pour your hard-earned cash into a posh pad, or find yourself on the fashionable, yet frugal end of the spectrum, jaw-dropping design is always within reach. And when it comes to one of the most highly trafficked rooms in your home, the living room, it’s especially important that your design dazzles, no matter your finances. To prove that a room can pack a punch at different price points, we tasked one of our very own Laurel & Wolf designers, Ryen Conley, with styling the same living

A hit show on ABC and a spin-off to come. A letter of recommendation from Michelle Obama. Award nominations from MTV, BET and the Screen Actors Guild. Oh and getting accepted to every college she applied to. Black-ish star Yara Shahidi just might be having the best senior year of any high schooler in America. But there was one thing missing: A room to come home to. Shop The Look: The Bed Organic Ruched Rosette Duvet Cover + Sham / Aloha Patchwork Quilt + Sham “We’re going on a year in this

Major life events generally mean stress for most of us. But Emily Brownell knows how to celebrate them in style. As an event planner, she spent years turning weddings, anniversaries and more into unforgettable celebrations. Now as an interior designer, Brownell is using that same sense of style to help expectant mothers and fathers transition into parenthood. “I started in nursery design and along with offices, it’s still my favorite space. I find people are willing to let go of their hang-ups, like staying neutral and only being modern. It’s a space you can really have fun with!

When Ashley Gensler founded custom home furnishings brand Loom Decor, it was her one and only baby. “I decided to open Loom to make the gorgeous fabrics & custom textiles typically only available through high-end showrooms, accessible to the everyday homeowner and the designers that serve them,” Ashley says. With an MBA and a passion for interiors, she launched the company in Brooklyn, NY. The five year old company has been thriving, but it’s not Ashley’s only child anymore. Now son Teddy and daughter Harriet have joined the family. “A different side of me

Pastel pink paint, an old-school peg board, and photos of fashion collections past fill the walls of online retailer JustFab’s new and improved brand room. Looking at the sophisticated space, you’d never guess that underneath all that glam used to live a giant, floor-to-ceiling white board, which had definitely seen better days. So, what was Laurel & Wolf Interior Designer Kimberly Winthrop’s biggest obstacle when designing the space? “The walls for sure! A lot of them were stone or brick, which was tough for the look we were going for. Also finding out one wall had a

When Dave Arthurs and his husband Brennan first laid eyes on the condos at Canyon View Estates, they envisioned themselves spending long, leisurely afternoons, reclining on a sun-splashed patio, sipping cool drinks and admiring the desert mountains just beyond. It was a paradisiacal image that most only have the chance to dream about. But for Dave and Brennan, it soon became their reality. “What attracted us to Palm Springs was the weather, the scenery, and the mid-century modern vibe,” says Brennan. “Originally, this was just intended to be a vacation house, but we’re

Image via C Home You know the feeling when that first 75 °F day in spring hits, and you just want to be outside? Yeah, we’re familiar as well. But since the great outdoors seem to make most humans so happy, why not bring nature’s bliss inside, too? Well, some spaces have it figured out. These homes take their designs into the wild with luscious gardens growing against their walls or paradisiacal accents that recreate the vibes of a white sand beach. So get in touch with nature through rooms

There’s no doubt that having a clean and complete space plays a major role in productivity and peace of mind. For entrepreneur and lifestyle blogger, Brooke Burnett of One Small Blonde, having a place that looks and feels perfectly put together is the key to getting her creative juices flowing and keeping her sane. “As a fashion blogger, clothes tend to get thrown all over the place. Now that my bedroom is complete, it’s helped me become more organized with my clothes and blog posts,” says Brooke. And while putting together outfits comes as second nature to

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