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We all have some skeletons in our closets. That flirty, Marilyn Monroe-esque dress that suffered the stains of a few too many cosmos at a cocktail party some years back. An old favorite pair of well-worn jeans that haven’t seen anything but the depths of your closet in months. A tennis racket and a set of balls… do you even play tennis? But you’ll take that dress to the cleaner and resurrect that denim and bring those balls to the court at some point, right? If getting ready in the morning

Image via Elle Sweden Let’s be real — anyone who says they enjoy cleaning is either crazy or lying. But you know what’s worse than cleaning? A filthy house. The unfortunate truth is, no matter how lazy you feel, you’re going to have to put in some dirty work to keep your house clean. So we put together this helpful list of hacks to make your daily chores a little less painful. Clean as you go. Try to get in the habit of picking things up and putting them away as

Buying a thoughtful present and then chucking it into some old gift bag is like slaving over a souffle and then slopping it onto a paper plate. It just doesn’t have the same effect. So this season we teamed up with photographer Gray Malin to show you how to create picture-perfect gifts. This is our guide to presents with presence. STEP ONE: Pick your paper Start with a good base. Thinner paper rips and crumples more easily, making wrapping difficult. Get a selection of wrapping paper in complimentary colors and patterns along with a

It seems like it should be easy. You go to the store, buy drapes, hang them up. Right? WRONG. Picking and hanging drapes is like being stuck in an endless Goldilocks  nightmare of extremes: too short, too long, too sheer, too dark, too full, too skimpy.  Hang them too high and they look like an NBA player in capri pants, too low and you’ve got a toddler in a prom dress. How do you get them just right? And what about the swag?! We’re revealing once and for all our fool-proof tips to selecting, hanging,

Photo by Christina Kayser Onsgaard We’ll be honest with you. As much as we love flannel, hot cider and pumpkin patches, we’re not quite ready to say goodbye to summer. The good news? You don’t have to. You can have those sunny summer vibes all year round in your home. From palm prints and tropical materials to beachy art and textiles, we’ve got your guide to creating endless summer indoors. Bring home the beach If you can’t actually go to the beach, at least you can stare longingly at a picture of it.

Image via Article There’s no denying that we love our couches, but how well do we really know them? We know what kinds of sofas we love to curl up on. We know that some are better for conversation than others.  And that long, deep sleeper makes an ideal bed for visiting guests. But with so many shapes and styles out there, how do you pick the perfect one to serve your needs, complement your space and provide a cushion for your inner couch potato? From loveseats to sectionals, this guide to

Photo from Alan & Ann Homes The mantlepiece is the focal point of any room, the perfect place to display art, mementos, mirrors and more. But creating a well styled mantel is almost as tricky as building a roaring fire. So we teamed up with Laurel & Wolf designer Luca Pepitone to answer your burning fireplace styling questions. Read on to get the hippest hearth in town. Rule #1: Play with the mantel’s architectural details The architectural style of your mantle can play into the style of your design, but it shouldn’t fully determine it. Instead use it as a place to

Beds are the hardest working piece of furniture in the house. They’re where we begin and end our days, where we find comfort after a hard one, and where we hole up when we’re sick or tired. Our beds give us a lot of love, so it’s only fair that we return the favor by making them every morning. We turned to the bedding experts at Parachute to show us how it’s done. Watch our video and read on for tips on making your bed a stylish spot to get the perfect

It’s every city dweller’s dream, to have a little piece of the outdoors on their property. Though a lush backyard may be somewhat rare in the city, a small patio or balcony can become a breezy outdoor retreat — even on a budget. We had basic chairs and a table, but we needed some flair. So we asked our designers to channel the spirit of summer by styling an apartment balcony for less than $400. From vibrant and feminine to laidback and cool, see how they turned a tiny outdoor

Photo via Dering Hall. The Olympics are here! We’ve been waiting for two whole years to witness the triumphs, the heartbreaks, the national anthems, and, of course, the Opening Ceremonies. But thankfully anyone can have medal-worthy design all the time. How? By going for gold, silver and bronze in your home. From brushed bronze pendant lights to silver clad credenzas, these spaces are taking us all the way to the finish line. Luxe Living:  Nothing says luxe quite like gold leaf. And what better place to make a casually glam statement than by putting it on the ceiling? If

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