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If you’re one of those people who wakes up feeling wide awake and ready to take on the day every morning, then congratulations, because you’re a rare breed. For most of us, the 6 am struggle is very real. But morning person or not, dawn doesn’t have to be completely painful every day. From hanging the right shades to creating a functional closet, these design hacks will help you get up on the right side of the bed and find a morning routine that works for you. Bring on the

Back-to-school season is kind of like an unofficial new year. Though most adults don’t get a lengthy summer break to reset, it’s a good time to prioritize career goals and reorient ourselves before a fresh season begins. Whether you’re starting a new job or continuing on your current path, there are small things you may be overlooking that can help you achieve your work goals. To show you how it’s done, we paid a visit to our friends at The Zoe Report to style three team members’ desks with their individual

Image via Elle Decoration While design is ever-changing and trends come and go, there are key guidelines in the industry that hold true. So before you break away from the “rules” right away, learn what they are with an open mind. From measuring your home’s dimensions and figuring out a floor plan to avoiding clutter and disarray, here are 10 interior design rules we always follow. Rule #1. Measure Your Domain Before you buy that grand Chesterfield sofa and hefty coffee table, take measurements of your space. Without knowing the exact

Photo by Dustin Walker Attention all renters: a home is a home, no matter if you own it or not! And whether you live in a sprawling estate or on your friend’s couch, you deserve to thrive somewhere that’s uniquely yours. While it’s easy to think that decorating your temporary abode is out of the question (or solely up to your landlord), there’s plenty of clever ways to personalize your space and make it home. Since beautifying your rental and losing your security deposit often go hand-in-hand, here’s how you can

Image via Apartment Therapy by Marisa Vitale Once upon a time, a minimalist and a maximalist moved into an apartment together… You can probably guess how the rest of this story goes. Whether you met your roommate on Craigslist or you’ve been BFFs for ages, combining styles — especially wildly different ones — can be challenging. The last thing you want to do is hurt your roomie’s feelings, but if that rug they have is offensively ugly, you have to speak your mind. Since it’s rare to go through life

Image via Entrance Not all of us are luxuriating in endless amounts of square footage. But thankfully, big style can come in any size home! You just need to know how to get it. So, before you give up hope of making your cozy abode both functional and fashionable, take note of our savvy designers’ 10 clever secrets for small space design. 1. Thinking Area Rug? Go Big or Go Home Oh the irony. When incorporating an area rug into your small space, select a large, extending piece that covers

Big news! Today we’re launching an exclusive multi-platform partnership with The Home Depot. Now you’ll be able to get professional services both online and in-person for every stage of your home projects, from online interior design to purchasing and home installation. To celebrate, we’ve teamed up to transform a living room with all of our favorite furniture and decor from The Home Depot. Read on for design tips and tricks and shop the look below. Redecorating your living room? It’s harder than it looks. Whether it’s a rug that’s too small for

Image via C Home Congratulations are in order! All of your hard work and long hours have paid off and you’ve finally reached the ultimate level of adulthood: buying a home. While you’re probably inclined to take any gem on the market that your heart (and wallet) so desires, making an important decision based on emotions and eagerness is, well, not an approach we recommend. So, from budgeting to understanding your new financial responsibility, a couple homeowners from Laurel & Wolf are sharing what every prospective homeowner should know before purchasing a

Image via Domus Nova Whether you’re upgrading to your dream home in the suburbs or relocating to a chic loft in the city, moving is a pretty big deal. You’re leaving behind the safe haven you once called home and boldly stepping into unfamiliar territories. So before you say your final goodbye to your neighbors-turned-friends and embark on this exciting (and nerve-racking) new journey, we’re sharing our biggest relocation mistakes to help make your move smooth sailing! Taking Absolutely Everything Moving into a new home marks the start of new beginnings. And

Image via Local + Lejos Another one of your succulents bites the dust. You watered it sparingly, you placed it in the sun, and then, as it slowly wilted, you cursed the ground it came from. We’ve watched in despair as each of our formerly lush and leafy friends wilted and joined their botanical buds in plant heaven. We know how real the plant-keeping struggle can be, so we’ve rounded up the most common plant-killing mistakes and how you can stop making them. Because you don’t need to be a gardening guru to keep your houseplants

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