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It’s every city dweller’s dream, to have a little piece of the outdoors on their property. Though a lush backyard may be somewhat rare in the city, a small patio or balcony can become a breezy outdoor retreat — even on a budget. We had basic chairs and a table, but we needed some flair. So we asked our designers to channel the spirit of summer by styling an apartment balcony for less than $400. From vibrant and feminine to laidback and cool, see how they turned a tiny outdoor

Photo via Dering Hall. The Olympics are here! We’ve been waiting for two whole years to witness the triumphs, the heartbreaks, the national anthems, and, of course, the Opening Ceremonies. But thankfully anyone can have medal-worthy design all the time. How? By going for gold, silver and bronze in your home. From brushed bronze pendant lights to silver clad credenzas, these spaces are taking us all the way to the finish line. Luxe Living:  Nothing says luxe quite like gold leaf. And what better place to make a casually glam statement than by putting it on the ceiling? If

Photo via Rue Magazine / Design by Alice Lane Home Beaches are so beautiful, so why do beach houses always have to be so…well, lets just say if we never see a Jimmy Buffet poster again it’ll be too soon. With a backyard as spectacular as the ocean, it’s easy to overlook what’s on the inside. But well-chosen decor can enhance your vacay. So we’ve put together our guide to easy-breezy beach house design. Tip #1: Combine bright whites and blues When designing a classic, coastal space, it’s best to let the seaside views do the

Remember piling into the back of the family car, snacks in hand, and heading to an open field for a drive-in movie? Sure, IMAX and 3D films are cool and all, but nothing beats a flick under the stars. To celebrate our two true loves, design and entertaining, we teamed up with experience delivery service Joymode to cross yet another item off of our #summerbucketlist: hosting a backyard movie screening. So break out the popcorn and dust off the old DVD, because we’re sharing our tips on the ultimate al fresco movie experience. Tip #1: Select the ideal backdrop First things first, decide where to

As much as we love breaking out the fine china and throwing a fancy shindig, summer is for laidback chill time. We wanna be able to check the weather report, text some friends, and set up a party in an hour flat. So we tapped our event planner, Olivia Wetterau, for tips for throwing a bash without breaking a sweat. This is your guide to the ultimate impromptu dinner party. Tip #1: Keep the food simple and the oven off You can shop for and prep a pretty sweet spread in under an hour

Contrary to popular belief, bigger isn’t always better. And when it comes to design, we’re only limited by our sense of style, not our square footage. With the tiny house movement sweeping the nation, more and more people are finding themselves opting out of the once-popular mega mansion and choosing a more cozy environment. Whether or not you’ve found yourself in one of these micro living spaces, you probably have an area or two that could use a little extra leg room. Designers, Megan Opel and Laurel  Startzel show us how to get the most out

Having a large open floor plan or living space is both a blessing and a curse. We all want our living spaces to feel complete and effortless, yet it can be challenging to achieve a full look while staying away from clutter or too much furniture. While there is no single way to to fill a large open room, there are a multitude of ways to solve an empty space. Whether you have a large or small budget, these techniques are sure to complete your home. Read on for Abagail

Selfies, once a source of embarrassment, are now a staple of Instagram life. So it’s only natural that this phenomenon would make its way into the interior design world in the form of the shelfie. For our latest Designer Challenge, we asked our designers to style their own shelfies, transforming a basic bookcase into a statement piece. Though all of the submissions took bookcase styling to new heights, three winning designs totally upped the shelfie stakes. From style board to install, see how these these designers made an industrial bookcase much more than a place to host your library. Boho With A Botanical Touch Styled by Jessica Rose Organic

It’s easy to fall in love with the cleverly curated spaces that fill our Pinterest feeds. But no matter how many boards we create, there’s really only one person who can bring all of our “pinspirations” to life: the interior designer. A creative director, best friend, and therapist combined, they have the ability to help translate a vision into a reality that is at once beautiful and functional. So instead of pinning another round of DIYs that we’ll never get around to actually doing, we’re going to the experts. From

We’ve all seen images of interiors so immaculate that they deserve to be forever immortalized in a museum, roped off from all human interaction. Well, rest assured because behind every Pinterest-perfect space lies a junk drawer or two. Even the experts could use a deep clean from time to time, and who better to ask for de-cluttering techniques than the people who make these enviable spaces a reality? From window washing hacks to stylish storage picks, we asked five Laurel & Wolf Designers to share their expert-approved tips for getting their spring cleaning on. Take our spring cleaning challenge here and show us your

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