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With reindeer figurines and festive wreaths spanning every aisle of your go-to home décor store, it’s easy to turn your normal digs into a winter wonderland just in time for the holidays. However, if deep reds and bright whites aren’t your style, celebrate the spirit of the season with luxurious textures, natural objects, and thick fabrics. Now that shorter days and cooler nights are upon us, it’s time to start dressing up your space for the holidays. Regardless of her clients’ design aesthetic and budget, Laurel & Wolf Designer, Kerry Vasquez shares her insight on adding winter warmth to any

Laurel & Wolf Designer, Maryn Goolsby Favors gives us a behind-the-scenes look at her experience designing country music sensation, Kelsea Ballerini’s new Nashville apartment. From listening to her album on repeat, to collaborating with Kelsea one-on-one, Maryn was able to get to the root of Kelsea’s needs for her home and create a space that reflects her true self — a constant source of comfort to her friends, family and fans. Read on for a glimpse into our country music star-studded makeover and to find how Maryn transformed Kelsea Ballerini’s fiercely feminine digs!  On

Laurel & Wolf Designer, Alyssa Alon isn’t afraid of a little color. And by color, we don’t mean sweet, light pinks and other pastel hues. Though these colors are essential to creating a soft appeal, deep tones such as navy, charcoal, and black will surely add a sense of fearlessness to any space. With Halloween right around the corner, one thing not to fear is dark decor. While the common belief is that dark walls are spooky and frightening, the outcome can be both classic and elegant. When it comes to taking a walk on the

When it comes to crafting a space that’s both stylish and sentimental, Laurel & Wolf designer Whitney Walker is an expert. As the owner of Farrington Lane — an online shop that specializes in well-curated décor — Whitney spends most of her time discovering unique home accents and incorporating them into the spaces she designs. This Fall, we’re all about mixing contemporary trends with quirky collectibles and items of personal value. However, curating a mix like this can be tricky. We asked Whitney for some professional advice on adding character to a room without compromising taste. Read on for all

Have you ever sat down on a friend’s sofa only to find an impeccably curated collection of coffee table books that you were just dying to page through? Coffee table books can function as many things — they make excellent conversation starters, have the power to inspire ideas, and add style to any space. Whether you’re an automotive enthusiast or an interior design addict, your choice in reading speaks volumes about who you are and where your interests lie. Check out Laurel & Wolf Designers’ top picks and how to style them within your own space!  

It’s no secret; we love Scandinavian Design. But let’s be real- how can you not love the minimal palette, clean shapes, and overall ethereal quality? Since the weather’s warm enough to bring our favorite design styles outside, we’ve enlisted one of our knowledgeable designers Michelle Rose Bryant, to explain how Scandinavian Design can be incorporated into your outdoor space. “Since the Nordic countries experience so little warm weather, Scandinavians are expert at highlighting natural elements within their homes. Nearly all Nordic homes have large windows and white finishes, emphasizing nature on both the inside

Lately we’ve heard lots of rumblings about Scandinavian Design –  this simplistic look seems to be on every Tumblr feed and design blog out there, and has people reblogging and recreating in their own homes like crazy! If you’ve found that you keep coming across this style and want to know more, scroll through to learn about the origins of Scandinavian design, what it looks like, and how you can get the look in your home! ORIGINS: The roots of Scandinavian Design stem from early 20th century Modernist art movements such as Art Nouveau,

Now that you’re a pro on deciphering the difference between Traditional and Transitional styles (and in case you need a refresher, we’ve got you covered!), it’s time to get down to business with Modern versus Industrial design. Often misconstrued as synonymous, these two styles are completely unique! We’ve compiled a list of key features that will make you an interior design style expert in no time. MODERN Modern interior design is all about simplicity, clean lines and minimal decor. Designers use basic shapes to create a streamlined and functional room that keeps

After a brief hiatus, Scandal is back on the air tonight! Yes, we love the drama. We love the white pantsuits. We love Olivia Pope’s giant wine glasses. But mostly, we LOVE the interior of Olivia’s apartment. Classic, elegant and transitional in style, the neutral palate and clean lines create an inviting and comforting space for Olivia to chill while she’s not saving the world. More traditional design pieces like the sofa and coffee table evoke a classic East Coast style, and paired with more transitional pieces like a wire moroccan console and

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