We bet you didn’t realize that the models strutting down the catwalk in New York City wouldn’t only be influencing your wardrobe. Thanks to the trickle-down effect we see in the industry, the colors and patterns that show up during New York Fashion Week often end up in your living room too. Here’s a closer look at four trends that can go from runway to real life. Animal prints: Practically a neutral, a good leopard print is just as versatile as basic black. We see animal prints cycle in and

There is a certain amount of magic that goes into the design experience at Laurel & Wolf. Our designers are experts at taking your photos, inspiration and room goals and bringing them to life. So, how, exactly, do they do it? We recently recreated the design experience, IRL, on the set of our latest commercial with our founder and CEO Leura Fine, who also happens to be an experienced interior designer. Who better to show how it works? Leura combined unexpected color combos to create a chic and comfy living

Whether you moved into a small studio close to your parents or relocated to the city of your dreams, living on your own can be intimidating. As soon as you sign your name on the dotted line of your lease or mortgage (eek!), an inescapable weight of responsibility can set it. But before you lose your cool and panic sets in, remember: a home of your own is a real moment to celebrate! So, pop the Champagne and congratulate yourself on this major accomplishment. To make this transition a little

If you only make one New Year’s resolution, make it a commitment to creating a home you love to come home to. Not sure where to begin? That’s where Laurel & Wolf comes in. We specialize in easy, fun and affordable home transformations. To get your design juices flowing, we partnered with one of our go-to designers, Gwendolyn Gibbish, to show how little details and new statement pieces can refresh your space in a big way.  As you can see, we started with a pretty blank canvas. We knew we

Image via Architectural Digest Miami Beach’s tropical climate and sandy white beaches make it a popular vacation destination all year long. But for one week in December, the exhilarating city also known for its nightlife, and budding art scene devotes itself entirely to the latter. Enter Art Basel. The international fair showcases the finest in contemporary art and draws a crowd of everyone from gallerists and collectors to celebrities, influencers, and party people. If you won’t be among the attendees this year, that’s okay, we’ve done a little research for

Let us begin with a disclaimer – you’re allowed to decorate your space however you like, no matter your age. We’re not here to discourage personal style. So, while age is just a number, it does play into the decorating decisions we make. (We probably all look back on those dorm room days and wonder what was going on.) Naturally, our tastes mature as we do. And certain life phases mean different needs when it comes to designing our homes. Think about it – when you’re in your 20s, your

If you’re not an interior designer, it can be difficult to see a room’s full potential. Say you live in a Dutch Colonial style house — its barn-like architecture might tempt you to decorate with rustic pieces rather than modern. Or if you live in a contemporary space, you’re probably not going to go the traditional route. But with the right decor and some interior design know-how, a room can be completely transformed from what it looked like before. Don’t believe us? Read on to see how we took one bedroom

Image via 1stDibs There was a time when white walls were considered boring. People risked their lease deposits and spent loads of time prepping their places just to paint their apartments a more saturated hue. But then, something changed. White became the aesthetic of choice, and not just for the walls. Vibrant interiors took a back seat as monochromatic minimalism rose in popularity. And though there’s nothing wrong with that look, we must be honest — we’ve missed color. Everyone has their personal preference when it comes to their space’s

Image via Architectural Digest We have a confession — we’re starting to tire of the white-on-white look that’s been dominating our Pinterest feeds. Don’t get us wrong, neutrals are necessary, but when it comes to color, we’re craving the unexpected. Few people think to pair shades of black and yellow or purple and green together when painting walls or choosing decor. But when done right, uncommon color combinations can make a seriously chic statement. From salmon pink and forest green to citrus and cerulean, these unexpected color schemes are bringing spaces together

Image via Architectural Digest Neutrals are a necessary part of any home’s color palette. Not only do they keep our spaces feeling grounded and cozy, but they add a level of elegance that bright, saturated hues just don’t. But however essential they are, basic beiges and flat greys can feel a bit stuffy, which is why we’re turning to a warmer palette. Introducing the new neutrals. From heated rust to earthy olive tones, these rich hues have the capacity to color your space with a fresh dose of style. OLIVE

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