Photo via One Kings Lane, Vaughn Miller Studio We’ll admit it — we’re suckers for a little romance. Bring on the moonlit walks, candlelit dinners, The Notebook! But when it comes to decorating, it gets tricky. How do you set the stage for romance without going too girly?  What’s the line between boudoir and brothel when it comes to the bedroom? We’re here to show you how to embrace your inner romantic at home without going overboard. 1. A neutral color palette and minimal patterns are key. While red and pink are great for roses, they’re

You don’t have to be a literary master to understand that there’s comfort in surrounding yourself with books. But before you try to emulate the reading rainbows of Pinterest, it’s important to figure out what your bookcase style is. Is your bookcase brimming with books? Or are you partial to a sparser styling job? Or maybe you want to highlight your collection of art and decorative items? No matter your preference, get ready to strike your best shelfie, because these bookcase styling tricks will put your local library to shame.

It’s every city dweller’s dream, to have a little piece of the outdoors on their property. Though a lush backyard may be somewhat rare in the city, a small patio or balcony can become a breezy outdoor retreat — even on a budget. We had basic chairs and a table, but we needed some flair. So we asked our designers to channel the spirit of summer by styling an apartment balcony for less than $400. From vibrant and feminine to laidback and cool, see how they turned a tiny outdoor

Photo by @clairezinnecker What’s the best thing about Instagram? Following our favorite design influencers without looking like complete stalkers, of course! Overflowing with beautiful spaces and stylish vignettes, Instagram is basically the key that unlocks a treasure chest of inspiration on the daily. Whether you’re into National Geographic photography, home tours, satirical memes, or a little bit of everything, there are certain accounts we couldn’t imagine our feeds without. So who are we following in the design world? We thought you’d never ask! 1. @Sarahshermansamuel parking myself here #happyfriday A photo posted by Sarah Sherman Samuel

Let’s face it — no one’s dream room is a dorm. But sharing cramped living quarters with a pair of twin beds and a roommate you barely know is as essential a college experience as pulling an all-nighter. Despite the unglamorous nature of a dorm, there are simple ways to enhance its style and functionality on a student-friendly budget. Make your on-campus digs the envy of your whole floor by following these helpful tips. And when your space is complete, we guarantee that if “Dorm Room Decor 101” were a college course, you’d ace

Photo via Dering Hall. The Olympics are here! We’ve been waiting for two whole years to witness the triumphs, the heartbreaks, the national anthems, and, of course, the Opening Ceremonies. But thankfully anyone can have medal-worthy design all the time. How? By going for gold, silver and bronze in your home. From brushed bronze pendant lights to silver clad credenzas, these spaces are taking us all the way to the finish line. Luxe Living:  Nothing says luxe quite like gold leaf. And what better place to make a casually glam statement than by putting it on the ceiling? If

When you spend your days changing the face of new media and your nights at home raising an energetic two-year-old, decorating your space probably falls last on your to-do list. So, when Digital Media Exec Sarah Penna’s realtor showed her an off-the-market, modern stunner in Mar Vista, CA, she decided to leave the design work to the professionals. “I was driving myself crazy on Pinterest. I could probably do a hilarious [Youtube] series about things I saw on Pinterest, tried to do, and absolutely failed,” says Sarah. The Before: The After: And she knows a thing or two

Photo via Hunter Fans It’s officially the dog days of summer, people! Our makeup is melting, our hair is frizzy and our clothes are more than a little rumpled. And to add insult to injury, the one thing standing between us and sweet, cool relief also happens to be one of the world’s ugliest decor items in the world. Fans! Why must an item of such functional beauty be such a design eye sore?  Who can save us? Well, it turns out more than a few designers are on the case. We

Photo of John Robshaw’s house by Patrick Cline An empty wall. It fills us with equal parts anticipation and dread, especially if we’re on a budget. While we all love a gallery wall, the cost of purchasing and framing that many pieces of art can add up quickly. Thankfully we’ve learned quite a few ways to trick out a big space on a small budget. These are our tips for finding statement art that won’t break the bank. Try Engineering Prints Even at big box retailers, a large scale art print can cost

Pets — they’re our comrades, our TV-watching sofa buddies, our motivation to get outside and take a walk. There’s no denying that dogs (or cats) are man’s best friend, but they’re not always easy to live with. Maybe you find yourself repeatedly tripping over the water dish, endlessly searching for the leash, or dealing with an undesirable litter box stench. Pet stuff isn’t always pretty, but adding their things to your space doesn’t have to result in an interior eyesore. Read on for ways to strategically design your home to accommodate both

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