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Photo via Have you ever stepped into a well-organized space that made the slightly OCD part of your personality blush with delight? We know the feeling. The books lined the shelves in perfect, color-coded order and all of the kitchenware matched. You couldn’t help but think, “why can’t my house look like this?”  Though “lived-in” spaces are all the rage right now, there’s something so aesthetically pleasing about an impeccably organized room. To share in your delight, we rounded up a collection of beautiful spaces that will make your heart patter

Going green on vacay used to mean sacrificing an awful lot of style, not to mention comfort (compost toilets, anyone?). But a new crop of design hotels have figured out how to turn eco-friendly into eye candy. In honor of Earth Day, we’ve rounded up stylish stays that respect the environment. Because it’s a beautiful world and we want it to be around for awhile. 25Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin, Germany This Berlin hotel is green in every sense of the word. Floating above the Berlin Zoo, you feel as if

Tax Day strikes fear into the hearts of most Americans. After all, meeting with your accountant (or worse, figuring out those forms yourself) is about as much fun as a trip to the dentist. The upside? A sweet, sweet tax return. The average tax return in 2016 so far is $3,034 and we think it’s a great excuse to splurge on something wild for your home. These are the seven ways that we’d like to blow our check from Uncle Sam. 7. 2097 – 50 Chandelier, $2,695 – $2,950 Beautiful lighting

As our favorite spring flowers begin to bloom, we find ourselves obsessing over the many creative ways to display them. Enter the flower wall. Remember the elaborate live floral backdrop at Kim and Kayne’s wedding? Well, you can forget about it now. From art installations to event decorations, these vibrant flower walls blow Kimye’s out of the water. 7. Battle of the Flowers  Every May, the residents from the ancient city of Córdoba, Spain take their outdoor design game up a notch and compete in “The Battle of the Flowers.” For free, travelers can tour the

It’s a well-known fact that things aren’t always as they seem. Take the mullet, for example. From the front, that horrible ’80s haircut gave a man a business-oriented appearance, but in the back, his hair was just one crazy party. Mullets aren’t the only thing that can fool the eyes — design can be deceptive, too. From Victorian houses with ultra-modern additions to dilapidated water towers with wild renovations, these 7 structures boast some of the most unexpected design elements we’ve ever seen. 7. Adventures in Renovation At first glance, you would never

Nothing says Easter quite like elaborately decorated eggs. While most of us are used to pretty pastels and brightly colored plastic shells filled with candy, the typical Easter egg has a much fancier counterpart. Originally crafted as gifts for Russian royalty, Fabergé eggs have become a priceless treasure, often considered an art form all their own. While decorating for Easter with florals and cute furry animals is always delightful, this year we’re celebrating the spring holiday with ostentatious interiors inspired by the brilliant colors and intricate, jeweled details of Fabregé

There’s a common misconception that lots of gold = gaudy. Surely no one needs their space to look just like the Palace of Versailles, but a little extra gold in the right places can add some serious sparkle to a room. The ancient Greeks were well aware of this fact and used the valued material as a symbol of power and wealth for both their temples and their gods. Mythological tales even told stories of a powerful king who had the ability to transform everything he touched into gold. As

Known as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin, Texas draws enormous crowds every March for South by Southwest — an annual week-long festival dedicated to film, music, and tech. Noted for its diverse music scene, clean air, quirky local businesses, and classic Texan BBQ, Austin also has a reputation for weirdness. With a slogan like “Keep Austin Weird,” you can certainly expect to see a few strange things, but we have our eyes peeled for one thing in particular: design. From modern homes with artistic additions to ancient,

There’s New York, there’s Milan, and then there’s Paris. All three cities are outrageously chic but when it comes to couture, Paris Fashion Week is like the main course of a fine dinner. You can bet that the collections currently walking the Paris runways are some of the most highly anticipated, but in our opinion, every great piece of clothing deserves an equally stunning home. From elegant dressing rooms to perfectly curated vanities, these dressing areas are every bit as beautiful as the clothing of Paris Fashion Week. 7. Deco-Style Glamour Whether an actress,

You know you’re watching a good movie when you forget that you’re sitting in a theater. Along with incredible acting, cinematography, and a compelling script, good décor has the ability to transport you straight into the setting of a film. In honor of the upcoming Academy Awards, these are the film sets from some of our favorite past and present Oscar-nominated features that we think are deserving of an award. Scroll through to find out which film interiors we think are Oscar-worthy! 7. Atonement Although Keira Knightley’s incredible costumes may

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