Crackling wood in a fiery hearth paired with a hot cup of tea, a knit blanket, and a gathering of good friends. Sounds like the final scene in a Christmas movie, right? Well, that’s hygge, the Danish lifestyle trend that’s blown up over the last year. Roughly translating to “cozy,” hygge is all about living a harmonious, happy, and relaxing life by indulging in the comforts of home. Think fuzzy blankets, nubby sweaters, sweet-scented candles, and warm, delicious treats. The Danes insist that hygge is a way to live all year long,

Image via Lonny Some may argue that the menu is the most important ingredient in planning a dinner party. But seasoned entertainers know that it’s just as much about setting the mood. After all, everything tastes better when the chairs are comfy, the music is on and the lighting looks good. So feast your eyes on these must-have dinner party essentials. Bon appetit! Food presentation is half the feat of the feast, so make sure you have stylish serving bowls and platters to display your fine eats. No one will be digging into dinner

Image via Homey Oh My If you have kids or a dog, then you know the truth: mudrooms are highly underrated. They provide a barrier between the rest of your home and the outside elements. They’re a functional space for shoe and jacket storage. Name aside, these areas are a lot more than spaces for tracking dirt. Mudrooms are like the opening act to an exciting band. They aren’t the main course, but they can give you a pretty good taste of what’s to come. From eclectic entryways to laundry

As a female-founded company, we’ve got nothing but love for all the working women out there. So in honor of International Women’s Day, we rounded up all of our favorite female-focused office makeovers. From a chic corner office for a media mogul to a cozy nook in the suburbs of Oakland, we believe that inspiration, efficiency (and world domination) start with a clean and comfortable canvas. Step inside the spaces of some of our most amazing female clients here. An Editor’s Cosmopolitan Office:  Cosmopolitan magazine’s recently appointed editor-in-chief, Michele Promaulayko, knows just what it takes to succeed. “Cosmo women possess the

Image via C Home You’ve scrubbed the floors so hard, they sparkle. Every nook and cranny has been swept free of dust and cobwebs. You’ve decluttered and have a giant bag of stuff ready for Goodwill. So why does your home still feel gloomy? Spring is the perfect time to start fresh by cleansing your home from top to bottom — energy included. Follow these mood-boosting tips and feng shui secrets to banish bad vibes and get those good ones flowing. Air it out. Open your doors and windows and allow

via Andrew Howard There’s no denying it: the world is a dirty, dirty place. And unfortunately, your home is no exception. Even if you consider yourself a clean freak, germs and bacteria are sneaky little pests that can weasel their way into the most intimate of spaces despite your best efforts. Don’t believe us? It’s time to check the facts. In the spirit of spring cleaning, we’ve assembled a list of gross home facts that will scare you into finally tackling the tidying, scrubbing and scouring that your home needs. Read on if you

Image via Anthropologie The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, and we may have even felt the warmth of the sun for a few seconds the other day. It’s finally happening — spring is plotting its long-awaited return. And after a lengthy winter in hibernation mode, we’re guessing your house (and ours) could use a little refresh. But who wants to waste those first precious moments of sunshine scrubbing and dusting? So for the lazy person in all of us, we’ve got simple room-by-room hacks to get your space spring-ready, fast. Start with

You wouldn’t park your brand-new Bentley in the middle of a bustling intersection, would you? So why would you store your designer duds in a space that’s anything less than designer-approved? From tossing out those dry cleaner wire hangers to showcasing your collection of handbags, these storage techniques will give your closet instant street (style) cred. Read on for 7 chic and simple ways to make the most of your closet. 1. Purge your dated duds: First things first, get out the trash bags. Not sure which items deserve the boot (pun intended)? Our general rule of thumb is that if

Image via Decoist Once upon a time, owning a multi-bed and bath house with extra square footage for lots of stuff meant you had it all. Literally. But a big house doesn’t always mean big style. Minimizing has become a hot trend, led by the tiny house movement. From boxes on wheels to former boiler rooms, these tiny homes are redefining what it means to live big. Bright Light, Big Style With only 312 square feet of living space, this sunny Texas spot is home to a creative couple and their

Image: oh joy! studio designed by Emily Henderson Anyone with a crafting hobby needs a space where their creative juices can flow. So conquer your to-DIY list by emptying that old storage closet or finally organizing your office to create a craft area that’s both functional and beautiful. Because how can you create pin-worthy goods if you’re not crafting in a Pinterest-worthy room? In honor of National Crafting Month, we’ve compiled tips to help you stock a space that’s as beautiful as your crafting creations. Declutter & clear space. No

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