Image via Architectural Digest In the wild world of at-home bartending, bar carts have ruled the roost for years. Sure, they’re mobile, perpetually chic and make great accent pieces. But we’re ready for something a bit more permanent. The 1970’s saw the birth of the built-in wet bar, fueling many of our parent’s or grandparent’s craziest cocktail parties. However, these integrated drink stations typically lacked personality. But today, we’re beginning to see a revival. And it’s much more stylish than its dull, dark wood and brown leather predecessors. Tropical Tastes

Image via Elle Decoration Folding chairs are an awesome invention. Compact and easily transportable, they’re perfect for BBQs, school assemblies and sporting events. But let’s be real, they’re not exactly dining room material. We already know what you’re thinking — “But without folding chairs, how will I seat Aunt Loretta and her five kids and their kids and the kids’ friends at the dinner table?” Well, we’ve got more than a few elegant solutions. From stools to floor cushions, there’s a folding chair alternative for every table this holiday season. Pull Up

Sure we love gathering our loved ones around us during the holiday season. But gift-shopping, party-planning and holiday hosting can make the holidays way more taxing than relaxing. So how to cut down on the stress? Pour yourself a strong serving of eggnog and start prepping now! Whether the whole fam is coming to your place on Christmas Day or they’re staying for all eight nights of Hannukah, these tips and tricks will ensure that your guests the five-star treatment without turning you into a nut(cracker). Have extra blankets and bedding

The whole fam is gathering around your table this holiday season for a feast like no other. Obviously, you want your place to look impeccable, but you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on new decorations. Well, the tablescape is the place to start. There’s no need to have the finest china or a set of solid silver candlesticks. With minimal effort, your table decor can make a huge impression. Read on for fool-proof ways to enhance your spread, just in time for the holidays. Add a personal touch

Designed by Brett Foken No one ever said that cooking Thanksgiving dinner would be easy. When the turkey’s roasting and you’re frantically slicing and dicing in a cramped kitchen that feels hotter than the depths of Hell, you may start to think that a test on Astrophysics would have been easier. Now, imagine that you’re preparing that meal in a clean, spacious kitchen, stocked with all the cooking tools in a top chef’s atelier. Sounds better, right? From quaint, farmhouse cookeries to those with lots of pretty counter space, these are the kitchens that

We’ve all had to pay our dues at a rickety old card table, eating Thanksgiving off of paper plates with the other kids (or kids-at-heart). But why should the littles be an afterthought when they bring so much joy to the holiday season? With a few small upgrades, you can make the kids’ table the best table. So we teamed up with Land of Nod to create the Kidsgiving we always wanted.  Tip 1: Instead of resorting to plastic or paper plates, create a kid-sized place setting by using a

Image via Food 52 There’s a lot of things about adult-ing that we’re not too fond of. Like paying seemingly endless bills and being financially responsible about our purchases (most of the time). But the reality is, we are grown-ups and sometimes we have to take on grown-up responsibilities — like hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Master chef or not, when you have to step up to the hot plate and cook, you’re going to need the proper supplies. And these kitchen essentials will not only guarantee that you’re a whiz in

Image via Cookbook Book / Phaidon There are some cookbooks that are meant to be splattered with sauce and paged through till their recipes fall out. And then there are those with glossy spreads of well-photographed meals that are simply too exquisite to mix in with the mess of the kitchen. These types of cookbooks have no place tucked away on cabinet shelves. They belong out in the open, where they can be as much a feast for the eyes as they are for the stomach. These are the coffee table

Image via Remodelista Let’s face it — hosting Thanksgiving is no walk in the park. It requires meticulous planning, preparing an entire buffet’s worth of food, and allowing hordes of guests into your home to eat, drink, and be merry. If you’re not careful, your Thanksgiving festivities can easily turn into a series of food and design disasters. So to help you avoid any meal-making mishaps, we’ve created a week-by-week checklist that will guarantee you’ve got all your grounds covered. We’ve made your list and now it’s your job to

Joy Wilson may have lived in LA, Miami, Vermont and Seattle, but her new adopted home of New Orleans is most certainly her spirit city. Irreverent and revelatory, bold and bawdy and come-as-you-are entertaining, it’s the perfect match for the blogger and cookbook author, known to her fans as Joy the Baker. “Living in New Orleans is like living in a different world. It’s magical, it’s joyous, the pace is much slower, and we’ll celebrate anything, everything, all the time,” she says. Joy bought an early 1900s double shotgun home

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