The countdown to spring is officially on! We look forward to that moment when we can finally pack away the bulky sweaters and down parkas that got us through winter, but let’s be honest: the winter-to-spring closet switch can feel a little overwhelming. To make the seasonal shift a little easier, check out our guide to swapping out your closet efficiently while protecting the longevity of your winter staples. One note: we strongly advise that you not tackle all of these steps in one afternoon. Approach them one at a

Photo by Mike Baker, styling by Heather Nette King. The only thing scarier than creepy clowns? Hoarders! And pattern overload. And too small sofas. And poorly hung art. But for every chilling décor mistake, there’s a solution to help conquer it. Read on for the most terrifying interior errors and the best ways to fix them… so they don’t haunt your home forever. 1. Matching your decor too closely. It’s a common misconception that having a matching set of chairs, tables, and fabrics will make your space look cohesive. But this kind of

If you’re one of those people who wakes up feeling wide awake and ready to take on the day every morning, then congratulations, because you’re a rare breed. For most of us, the 6 am struggle is very real. But morning person or not, dawn doesn’t have to be completely painful every day. From hanging the right shades to creating a functional closet, these design hacks will help you get up on the right side of the bed and find a morning routine that works for you. Bring on the

Back-to-school season is kind of like an unofficial new year. Though most adults don’t get a lengthy summer break to reset, it’s a good time to prioritize career goals and reorient ourselves before a fresh season begins. Whether you’re starting a new job or continuing on your current path, there are small things you may be overlooking that can help you achieve your work goals. To show you how it’s done, we paid a visit to our friends at The Zoe Report to style three team members’ desks with their individual

If you have a giant walk-in closet with plenty of shelf space and neat rows of racks, then a dresser may not be 100% necessary. But if you’re like the rest of us, then keeping your wardrobe organized is a lot easier when you have a set of drawers to accompany your closet. Though dressers can fall on the pricier side of the furniture market, they’re an essential piece you’ll have for years to come. From luxe mirrored bureaus to classic mid-century ones, we’ve gathered 22 dressers under $1000 that will

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of cracking open the pages of a brand new book. Nothing that is, except finishing one. If you’re anything like us, the month of August has you scrambling to complete your summer reading list. But don’t worry — we have just the dose of encouragement you need. From stacks of books that climb from floor-to-ceiling to cozy corners ideal for a rainy day reading sesh, we’ve found fifteen dreamy home libraries that will inspire you to pick up a book (and maybe even create

Image via Apartment Therapy by Marisa Vitale Once upon a time, a minimalist and a maximalist moved into an apartment together… You can probably guess how the rest of this story goes. Whether you met your roommate on Craigslist or you’ve been BFFs for ages, combining styles — especially wildly different ones — can be challenging. The last thing you want to do is hurt your roomie’s feelings, but if that rug they have is offensively ugly, you have to speak your mind. Since it’s rare to go through life

Image via Lonny There are some rooms that strike a perfect chord between form and function. And then there are others that strike a perfect chord because they’re literally filled with musical instruments. From extensive record collections to walls lined with guitars, these well-designed music rooms sing with noteworthy style. Garage Band Whether you’re rocking out to Zeppelin on vinyl or repeatedly practicing “Stairway to Heaven,” you need a space that vibes with your rock and roll style. On the left, a large shelf stocks an extensive record collection while the room

A really good hotel bathroom can make you feel like you’ve checked into a world renowned spa. But what if you could get that 5-star spa treatment in the comfort of your own home? We teamed up with the connoisseurs of wellness at The Honest Company to design a bathroom that’s made for relaxation. Read on for tips on how you can transform your own bathroom into one that’s hotel-worthy! 1. Sit back & relax with a bath tray There’s nothing worse than fretting about dropping your book or phone

Image via Domus Nova Whether you’re upgrading to your dream home in the suburbs or relocating to a chic loft in the city, moving is a pretty big deal. You’re leaving behind the safe haven you once called home and boldly stepping into unfamiliar territories. So before you say your final goodbye to your neighbors-turned-friends and embark on this exciting (and nerve-racking) new journey, we’re sharing our biggest relocation mistakes to help make your move smooth sailing! Taking Absolutely Everything Moving into a new home marks the start of new beginnings. And

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