Photo & Design by Monika Hibbs  If filing your taxes and going to the DMV had a baby, they would probably call it Laundry. It’s one of the least glamorous and most unavoidable chores of our lives. So why not do something to make the experience a little more bubbly? For some design inspiration, we sorted through all the dirty laundry to find you six laundry rooms that give new meaning to the lyrics, “So fresh and so clean, clean!” From rustic and rad to girly and glam, check out our favorites here! The Bohemian Beauty:  Between the navy

Image via Elle Sweden Let’s be real — anyone who says they enjoy cleaning is either crazy or lying. But you know what’s worse than cleaning? A filthy house. The unfortunate truth is, no matter how lazy you feel, you’re going to have to put in some dirty work to keep your house clean. So we put together this helpful list of hacks to make your daily chores a little less painful. Clean as you go. Try to get in the habit of picking things up and putting them away as

Photo via Decorpad Feeling motivated? Us too. After a brisk jog and a green juice this morning, we meditated, signed up to volunteer more and decided that we were finallllllly going to get around to investing more. Oh and budgeting. And no more impulse shopping. Also, meatless Mondays. Ooh and maybe we’ll clean out the closet. But a few weeks into the new year, our Netflix queue is calling, we’re back to hitting the snooze alarm and who left that pint of Ben & Jerry’s in the fridge?!  Staying motivated

Imagine being slept on, sweat on, soaked in chemicals and thrown into a hot dryer. Doesn’t sound pretty, huh? Well, such is the life of our bedding. But caring for it properly doesn’t have to be so bad. Whether you’re a culprit of overwashing or underwashing, you’re probably unknowingly damaging your bedding in some way. So we’ve gathered the number one bedding mistakes and how to fix them. After all, we spend more than a third of our lives in bed – better learn how to treat our sheets! LAUNDRY

The way someone decorates their coffee table can say a lot about their personality. It’s tempting to want to pile on the personal items, but without the proper technique it can look random and cluttered. So to help you out, we called upon Laurel & Wolf designer James Tabb to style one coffee table for three different personalities. Watch the video for tips on sprucing up your coffee table style, then read on for a breakdown of each look!  Look #1: The Fashion Editor She has over 50k followers on

Photo by Mike Baker, styling by Heather Nette King. The only thing scarier than creepy clowns? Hoarders! And pattern overload. And too small sofas. And poorly hung art. But for every chilling décor mistake, there’s a solution to help conquer it. Read on for the most terrifying interior errors and the best ways to fix them… so they don’t haunt your home forever. 1. Matching your decor too closely. It’s a common misconception that having a matching set of chairs, tables, and fabrics will make your space look cohesive. But this kind of

You don’t have to be a literary master to understand that there’s comfort in surrounding yourself with books. But before you try to emulate the reading rainbows of Pinterest, it’s important to figure out what your bookcase style is. Is your bookcase brimming with books? Or are you partial to a sparser styling job? Or maybe you want to highlight your collection of art and decorative items? No matter your preference, get ready to strike your best shelfie, because these bookcase styling tricks will put your local library to shame.

Pets — they’re our comrades, our TV-watching sofa buddies, our motivation to get outside and take a walk. There’s no denying that dogs (or cats) are man’s best friend, but they’re not always easy to live with. Maybe you find yourself repeatedly tripping over the water dish, endlessly searching for the leash, or dealing with an undesirable litter box stench. Pet stuff isn’t always pretty, but adding their things to your space doesn’t have to result in an interior eyesore. Read on for ways to strategically design your home to accommodate both

Photo via Have you ever stepped into a well-organized space that made the slightly OCD part of your personality blush with delight? We know the feeling. The books lined the shelves in perfect, color-coded order and all of the kitchenware matched. You couldn’t help but think, “why can’t my house look like this?”  Though “lived-in” spaces are all the rage right now, there’s something so aesthetically pleasing about an impeccably organized room. To share in your delight, we rounded up a collection of beautiful spaces that will make your heart patter

We’ve all seen images of interiors so immaculate that they deserve to be forever immortalized in a museum, roped off from all human interaction. Well, rest assured because behind every Pinterest-perfect space lies a junk drawer or two. Even the experts could use a deep clean from time to time, and who better to ask for de-cluttering techniques than the people who make these enviable spaces a reality? From window washing hacks to stylish storage picks, we asked five Laurel & Wolf Designers to share their expert-approved tips for getting their spring cleaning on. Take our spring cleaning challenge here and show us your

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