So you found the perfect new home, but there’s one problem – the kitchen is teeny tiny. Like, can’t-even-fit-your-coffee-maker-tiny.  Don’t fret! Just because your new kitchen is small in square footage doesn’t mean it needs to feel small. We’ve asked out expert interior designers for 8 ways to make your tiny kitchen feel HUGE! 1. Let the light in.  If you’re lucky enough to have natural light in your kitchen, use it to your advantage! No need to put curtains or blinds on your primary light source – they’ll take up precious wall space and

“A shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk.” – Christian Louboutin Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! We love them. Let’s make sure they have the well deserved presence in our dwellings. Here are a few fun ways to show off your sole style. 1. On Display! Keep things beautiful with clean white shelving to display shoes, bags and accessories! Live like you have your own boutique!   2. Made for Walkin’ Give boots the attention they deserve and properly store them with a bit of space to work

Bring out your inner diva for these fabulous fashion stations. Your clothes may speak for themselves, but we think they deserve a beautiful place to stay just like you! Maybe one of these lovely closets will match your own unique style and taste. 1. Luxe Contemporary Why We Love It: Contemporary style paired beautifully with luxe details like the sheepskin throw, the tassel drop light, the red painted ceiling and glam art. 2. Focused Style  Why We Love It: Clean lines and monochromatic black and white palette gives this some serious style points. Simple

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