A really good hotel bathroom can make you feel like you’ve checked into a world renowned spa. But what if you could get that 5-star spa treatment in the comfort of your own home? We teamed up with the connoisseurs of wellness at The Honest Company to design a bathroom that’s made for relaxation. Read on for tips on how you can transform your own bathroom into one that’s hotel-worthy! 1. Sit back & relax with a bath tray There’s nothing worse than fretting about dropping your book or phone

We get it — being present where you are is important. But on occasion, we all long to be some place we’re not. Just imagine if you could walk out of your office and suddenly be in Tulum. Or wouldn’t it be great if you could spend every weekend in the Hamptons? Sigh, if only there were a simpler way to travel. Now there is! We had our resident designer James Tabb create outdoor spaces to reflect three of our favorite summer destinations. From a boho beach town to dreamy Provence,

Image via Domus Nova Whether you’re upgrading to your dream home in the suburbs or relocating to a chic loft in the city, moving is a pretty big deal. You’re leaving behind the safe haven you once called home and boldly stepping into unfamiliar territories. So before you say your final goodbye to your neighbors-turned-friends and embark on this exciting (and nerve-racking) new journey, we’re sharing our biggest relocation mistakes to help make your move smooth sailing! Taking Absolutely Everything Moving into a new home marks the start of new beginnings. And

Image via Houzz What’s hiding under your stairs? Or how about that tiny balcony you never use? It’s only natural that we focus on decorating the main spaces in our homes rather than the small nooks and crannies. But the truth is, putting a little love into little spaces can have a big impact. With a touch of design magic, a window nook or a spot under the stairs can become a new favorite hangout. Want proof? Read on for spaces that are small in size, but big in design. Bold Balconies When

Image via Studio Ten 25 There’s a reason the American flag is red, white and blue – these three colors have an undeniable harmony when paired together. But a home that feels like the Fourth of July all 365 days of the year can be a little much. So in honor of Independence Day, we gathered our favorite red, white and blue spaces that do patriotic style the right way. Read on for rooms that will make you proud to be an American. Rustic Americana Want show off your American

Image via Architectural Digest You don’t have to follow each planetary retrograde to know that there’s some sense to astrology. After all, people seem to guess you’re a Pisces within minutes of meeting you. And we all have that one friend who’s a total Gemini. So why try to fight the stars, whether it’s in your love life or your decorating style? This summer, we’re all about designing rooms that feel like a permanent vacation, so we called upon our resident astrologist for some décor advice to perfectly suit your sign. Consider this your

Image via Local + Lejos Another one of your succulents bites the dust. You watered it sparingly, you placed it in the sun, and then, as it slowly wilted, you cursed the ground it came from. We’ve watched in despair as each of our formerly lush and leafy friends wilted and joined their botanical buds in plant heaven. We know how real the plant-keeping struggle can be, so we’ve rounded up the most common plant-killing mistakes and how you can stop making them. Because you don’t need to be a gardening guru to keep your houseplants

Nail art gone nasty, sloppy baked goods, and plants that didn’t make it past the potting. Pinterest fails are funny… until they happen to you. It’s easy to fall victim to the seemingly simple DIY projects pinned our way. But the truth is, some things are just better left to the professionals. Oftentimes, our failures cost us more money than purchasing an item or hiring someone to do it right. So we’re here to help you fix those DIY disasters (hopefully before you make them). From painting your walls with patterns

Though summer technically doesn’t start for another month, Memorial Day is the unofficial start of the season. For many, having a Monday off of work is already cause for celebration. But with warm weather and the promise of longer days ahead, most people want to celebrate by gathering a group of great friends for great food, usually in the great outdoors. Playing host this year? We’ve got the tips to help you throw a stylish, yet laid-back Memorial Day party. Make your tablescape the main focus. If you’re doing Memorial Day

Here’s a riddle: What’s bright and sweet, can either make you fall asleep or go wild and is always willing to hang, whether you’re watching Netflix or having Sunday Funday with friends? You guessed it: wine. No matter if you’re rosé-all-day or prefer your pinots, any wine lover can agree that the boozy beverage always has our thirsts quenched. So in celebration of our favorite refreshment, we’ve partnered with the masters of vino at Winc for National Wine Day. From a cheerful white to a serious and soulful red, we’re treating our wines like design

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