Picture this: An umbrella-studded beach on the Italian Riviera. An aerial image of boldly hued life preservers floating placidly in a pool. A pair of llamas donning pink balloons on the surreal salt flats of Bolivia. This is the work of fine-art photographer, Gray Malin. Even if you don’t know him by name, you’ve probably seen his wanderlust-inducing photography. His shots evoke a feeling of beautiful sunny days and unforgettable vacations. They’re an aesthetically pleasing distraction from the chaos of everyday life. To put it plainly, it’s the kind of

Image via Workstead As soon as that first hint of crisp fall air hits our faces and leaves begin to fall at our feet, we know that it’s time to get cozy. We’re talking cable knits, plaid flannel and all the hot cider you can drink. Whether you prefer to take a foliage trip or spend a weekend upstate wine tasting, these fall getaways are as cozy as your favorite sweater and as varied as the leaves themselves. The DeWitt Oak Hill, NY Filled with handpicked vintage pieces, The DeWitt is a one-of-a-kind stay as

We get it — being present where you are is important. But on occasion, we all long to be some place we’re not. Just imagine if you could walk out of your office and suddenly be in Tulum. Or wouldn’t it be great if you could spend every weekend in the Hamptons? Sigh, if only there were a simpler way to travel. Now there is! We had our resident designer James Tabb create outdoor spaces to reflect three of our favorite summer destinations. From a boho beach town to dreamy Provence,

Image via Discover Sayulita Tulum and Turks & Caicos are like so last year, right? We kid. We’d head to either of those any day. But there’s a whole new crop of destinations that have us seriously ready to travel this summer. These chic escapes offer good eats, swoon-worthy stays, and Instagrammable views for days. Dig out your passport and sun hat, because it’s time to start planning your next vacay. REYKJAVIK, ICELAND Iceland has always been a hot spot for the adventure set. But thanks to recent endeavors by a few

We’ll be the first to admit that sometimes the thought of a beach day beats an actual day at the beach. Between temperatures in the triple digits, the occasional sand storm, and not to mention, those hungry seagulls, you can never be too prepared for a seaside trek. But with the coast in our backyard here at Laurel & Wolf HQ, we have plenty of practice in packing the perfect beach bag. From cozy lounge chairs to fashionable-meets-functional dinnerware, scroll through for the items that we wouldn’t be able to do a beach day without. DINING:  Shop: Bamboo Dinner Plate Set / Quinn

Photo via One Kings Lane New Orleans is a place of many wonders. When you walk down its French-founded streets, you’re met with a euphoric blend of scents and sounds. Olive trees mingle with azaleas while sidewalk cafes tantalize tourists with the sweet smell of fresh-baked beignets. Somewhere near Bourbon Street, a jazz band’s deep, throbbing notes can be heard. It’s a mystifying city, one that leaves visitors charmed by its native magic. And as a cultural melting pot, NOLA keeps a creative crowd of residents. Some who happen to have excellent, if not

Image via Henry Howard Hotel There are certain things about NOLA that remain a mystery: the secret to Café Du Monde beignets, how to beat that killer Bourbon Street hangover, even the correct pronunciation of “New Orleans.” But amidst all this hazy confusion, one thing remains starkly clear: New Orleans design is stunning. Though often overshadowed by the drunken merriment and nudity associated with Mardi Gras festivities, the vibrant and bold style of New Orleans is a crowning characteristic of the city’s beloved culture. We’ve put together a NOLA guide for design-loving travelers,

Image via Architectural Digest It’s that time of year again when spring starts to tease us with its tantalizing rays, only to disappear and leave us with four more weeks of winter. When the weather goes hot and cold on us, it can be hard to believe it will ever just stay sunny. But in some parts of the world, temperate weather is a mainstay. Beat your winter blues by staring longingly at these tropical homes. We promise, playing pretend paradise will make you feel at least ten degrees warmer. Waters

Elvis honeymooned here. Sinatra sang. And architects created some of the world’s most iconic mid-century modern homes. Palm Springs has long been a red-hot destination for the design savvy. So in honor of the annual Modernism Week, we’re sharing our favorite spots in this desert oasis, from must-see tours of designer digs to groovy gems from decades past. Eat:  Workshop Kitchen + Bar – Chef Michael Beckman’s Workshop Kitchen + Bar proves that you don’t have to choose between beauty AND brains. With his classic American fare and drop-dead stunning interiors, this restaurant is the first stop on

It’s been a long, strenuous winter at work so you’ve decided to treat yourself to some of those precious vacation days. After all, you deserve a Spring Break just as much as a student, right? But where do you go in the middle of March when all the ideal destinations are crawling with inebriated college kids? While the cerulean waters of Cabo and Cancun may sound nice, they’re standard spots for Spring Break debauchery. But it’s okay, because the world contains countless sophisticated escapes where you can sip your margarita

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