September is just around the corner, and it’s one of the best times of the year to travel. The weather is beautiful and the crowds are smaller, which means shorter lines and more time spent relaxing or exploring. As avid globetrotters and design lovers, there’s one thing we’ve mastered over the course of our journeys: traveling in style. Scroll through for our favorite travel essentials and tips on traveling in well-designed style! The Essentials You won’t get far without a wallet and we’re loving this trendy black and white polka dot pick with a

Nashville is celebrated as the home of country music, but this title all too often overshadows the city’s individuality. After decades of musical and artistic influence, Nashville possesses a distinctive southern charm, very much reflected in its local design aesthetic. While Nashville is a lesser-known city than LA or NYC, it has the deep musical roots and timeless charm to prove itself as a noteworthy contender. There’s more than you can imagine to see and do within the 500 mile span of Nashville. While some of the city can be seen by foot, we recommend

Lots of enviable vacation photos have been filling our Instagram and Facebook feeds all summer, but just where are these exotic locales everyone has been traveling to? The beaches are breathtaking, the hotel designs are unbelievable, and the shops, restaurants and cafes are inconceivably chic. Well, we scoured the social media sphere and managed to discover where some of these mystery places are so you can start planning your next summer vaca. Scroll through for a guide on beautiful cities, where to stay, what to eat, and what to do! Tulum,

You know you’ve really made it if you’re able to live in a stunning beach oasis on your own private island. Enter Sir Richard Branson, a multi-billionaire businessman and investor. Necker Island, located in the British Virgin Islands is an exclusive paradise encapsulated by beauty. Branson doesn’t exactly keep it all for himself; you are able to book the entire island exclusively or rent rooms at certain points in the year for a mere $28,000 minimum. We think we’ll pass on visiting Necker Island, but that doesn’t mean the look can’t be emulated

“Party in the city where the heat is on, all night on the beach til the break of dawn”  Doesn’t sound too shabby, right? We’re feeling the same hot and sultry vibes Will Smith must have felt when he wrote his Welcome to Miami hit song, so Laurel & Wolf designer Lucinda Pace put together a Miami hotel pool design that’s sure to start a bangin’ summer pool party. Miami Beach’s image as a seaside resort town is reinforced through vibrant colors and tropical, ocean motifs intermixed with a modern Art Deco style of architecture.

Washington D.C. isn’t all politics. If you’ve ever spent time in the nation’s capitol during the summer, two things probably come to mind: 1. The sweat-til-you-drop heat and humidity. 2. A plethora of outdoor activities and the stunning outdoor spaces that come with them. For all you D.C. dwellers or those of you who are visiting the area this summer — here are the most beautiful public outdoor spaces to spend your glorious sunny days! 1. Georgetown Waterfront Could there be a better place for a picnic? Right along the Potomac River, the Georgetown Waterfront provides easy access

Know what we love more than home tours? Celebrity home tours! Today we’re scoping out some of our favorite celebs’ vacation homes in Malibu, Miami, and the Hamptons to find our next #designcrush. Scroll down to see our six favorite beach homes!  Christie Brinkley’s Beach House We adore Christie Brinkley’s cozy beach home! Her living room design is simple and coastal, using light woods and natural decor elements. It’s especially brave to have a white couch in a beach house (ask anyone who’s ever had one!), but if you think you can pull it

If you’re spending an entire summer in an exotic locale, a few weeks in a beach house, or every weekend in the Hamptons, you’re probably spending some serious vacation time in a summer rental. Make the most of your vacation home by making it your own – we’ve compiled our 10 favorite tips for transforming a summer rental into a second home. 10. Paint the walls.  Painting one (or four!) walls in a longer term rental is an easy and relatively fast way to change the entire look of the space. Make

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Oh, blissful summer. Everyone’s favorite season is finally here! By now you either have your travel plans booked through August or you’re stewing in jealousy as your friends Instagram their incredible summer getaways. If you’re stuck in the office all summer, quit your complaining and take advantage of the amazing warm weather and turn your home into a destination of its own. We’ve been drooling over the colorful textiles, intricate carvings, arched doorways, and design diversity of Morocco. The epitome of an exotic getaway, we’ve gathered plenty of

Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s a name most people are certain to know and probably even have a story about visiting one of his famous designs, like Fallingwater, Taliesin, or the Guggenheim Museum in NYC. A true purveyor of Modernism, he is celebrated for his unparalleled ability to synthesize every aspect of design, which has culminated in a profusion of architectural feats that truly are all encompassing works of art. Frank’s principle of design was to focus on the complete integration of the house, which might be why we love him so much.  He was all about making the

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