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So here’s what happened—you pulled off an elaborate Thanksgiving gathering, and even though your guests left wildly impressed, you were a little spent. A month later, you didn’t learn from your mistake and decided to invite everyone back to ring in the New Year. Expectations are high. Your energy, however, is low. It doesn’t have to be daunting. In fact, with a bit of smart planning—plus a hard-and-fast goal for doing things with as little effort as possible—you might get to kick back and relax the day away. Here’s your

Image via Sony Pictures As far as we’re concerned, the holidays don’t really count until you’ve watched A Christmas Story at least three times. And with the big day just a few weeks away, there’s only so much time to see all the best seasonal flicks. Since we have a tendency to search for design inspo in every movie, we’ve obviously paid special attention to the interiors in our favorite holiday films. And just as expected, they serve up sleigh-loads of decorating ideas. So cue the Christmas playlist and blast

Toys — they don’t make them like they used to. A trip through your local toy store yields aisle after aisle of mass-produced, plastic, tacky and breakable eyesores that your kids will forget about in a month’s time. But it doesn’t have to be this way! There’s a sleigh full of playful presents out there that are well-made, and best of all, won’t make you sacrifice the style of your well-designed home. For the Animal Lovers: Unicorn Charming Creatures Decor, $49.00 / Standing Jumbo Fur Plush Llama, $59.00 Every kid loves their creature comforts, but

There are few things in life that bring us more joy than really good food. But if we had to name anything, it would probably be our home. So, why not bring the two together? Behold, our favorite Thanksgiving dishes paired with rooms that are equally as delicious, design wise. Garlic Mashed Potatoes + A Laid-back, Modern Living Room We’re not sure if any design element could possibly match the fluffy texture of Thanksgiving mashed potatoes smothered in butter, garlic, and a dab of gravy. But with its shag rug,

Image via Homey Oh My Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving? It seems like we leaped from Labor Day to the holiday season in two seconds flat. We are now just days away from the big event, and if you’re like us (total procrastinators), your to-do list is getting longer by the minute. If you’re feeling a little panicky, take a deep breath. We’re here to help! Before you scour Pinterest for ideas, take a look at our four simple tips to planning a stress-free Thanksgiving. Do Away With Themed

Right image via Design Sponge; Photography by Nikole Ramsay Some rooms have bohemian flair while others tend towards traditional style. There are homes with tall, hauntingly beautiful halls and some with charming, snug corners. And then there are those that are simply as sweet as candy (our personal favorites). If you’re more into the treats than the tricks when it comes to Halloween, then you’ll want a taste of these candy-inspired spaces.  Reese’s Cups With every bite of a rich, creamy Reese’s Cup, we feel a little bit closer to

The dog days of summer are upon us. It’s that time of year when the blistering heat seems like it never will fade. In between humidity-induced tears, we imagine the cool air of Autumn and wonder if we’ll ever feel its soothing winds against our sun-kissed skin. The answer is yes. In less than a month, we’ll be begging for warmth again. But in the meantime, we’re here to offer you designer-approved tips on staying cool the stylish way. Whether you have air conditioning or not, these heat-killers look good in

Image via Architectural Digest When the summer heat hits its peak, it’s hard to imagine doing anything but laying by a pool sipping an ice cold drink. But we’re not talking just any pool. We’re specifically speaking of pools that come equipped with their very own houses. Pool houses offer both an escape from the sun and a luxurious space to relax in between taking dips. And truthfully, some of the best ones look better than our own homes. From boho bungalows to New England dens, these are the pool houses

There’s a reason all the best parties happen in the summer. Two words: unbeatable weather. So to celebrate our favorite season, we teamed up with Sunnylife, the experts in all things summer fun, to throw the ultimate outdoor party. Break out the sunscreen and your boldest bikini, because these tips will make you want to host your own summer soiree! Tip #1: Don’t be afraid of color Forget what you’ve learned about adding just a pop of color here and a pop of color there. When decorating for a summer party,

Image via Gardenista Pinterest is the go-to source for wedding inspo, design ideas, recipes, and DIY projects. Which means the site usually knows what’s what when it comes to current trends. And according to their July trend forecast, summer 2017 is all about enjoying the outdoors in style. Read on for our take on this month’s top Pinterest trends! Outdoorsy Interiors What better way to bring life to your space than with the accents of the great outdoors? If you’re an avid pinner, then you probably already know that banana leaf

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